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'Foreigners Essay Essay\r'

'Is Paia a better extract for Luba than Lachance? Luba Dominescu, the only misfire of the Dominescu family, plays an important role in the fiction â€Å"Foreigners”. After going through a hard time with her family in Canada, the rural bea they consume just immigrated to, Luba becomes much than position and her feminine charm gradually shows up. Paia Manescu and Lachance are two male childs who fall in fuck with this young lady and they compete with apiece other(a) to win her heart. Although the blue-eyed boy, Lachance, seems to be more attractive to Luba, Paia’s esteem for Luba has lasted for a long time and their families fully support their spousals.\r\nThey also have more things in common to promote their relationship, much(prenominal) as language and agriculture. Furthermore, Paia cease be twain a nice keep up and a wonderful give-and-take to sponsor the Dominescu family out of difficulties. Therefore, Paia is a better choice for Luba than Lachance. First of all, Paia makes a better friction match for Luba because Luba’s parents, Stefan Dominescu and Sofie Dominescu, have been really approximate friends with Paia’s parents since they were in their old acres Romania. In these two families, â€Å"It had always seemed well-defined to everyone that Luba would tie Paia” (155).\r\nAs soon as the second time Lachance visits the Domincescu to court Luba, Stefan on with Luba purposely visits Paia’s family to tell them that it is obligatory now for Paia to propose to Luba if he wants to marry her. This example shows that Luba’s parents wish their young lady to choose Paia instead of Lachance and there is no doubt that a life of marriage with parents’ blessing and full support exit be happier. In addition, for Luba herself, she has known Paia since they were superficial children and â€Å"he had cared her for much(prenominal) a long time” (158). However, Paia is just a boy she knows from school only a hardly a(prenominal) months ago.\r\nCompared with Lachance’s unfamiliar and sudden affection, Paia’s love is unequivocally more accepted and sincere. Another advantage Paia has is that he comes from the self comparable(prenominal) country as Luba, in other words, â€Å"he was one of her people, spoke the same language, played the same symphony” (158). As a mew immigrant, Luba apparently whoremaster not speak English exactly the correct way so that if she marries an English boy like Lachance, she may have difficulties communicating with her husband and it greatly increases the calamity of misunderstanding and arguments in the midst of the couple.\r\nBesides language, things such as traditions, eating habits, belief and music are also important factors that butt end influence a relationship. For instance, when Lachance plays music at Luba’s home, â€Å"the tunes sounded strangely to the Romanians’ earsâ⠂¬Â (155). However, since Paia grows up in the same culture as Luba, there are no cultural differences and chat barrier between he and Luba and it is a lot easier to maintain and improve their relationship. not only can Paia be a better husband, but he also becomes a more helpful son of the Dominescu family.\r\nAfter Luba marries Paia, they will live in the same house with Sofie and Stefan and stay with Luba’s family rather than follow Lachance to join his fuck off and have â€Å"a more discompose life” (158). In this way, Luba is able to traverse to take care of her little companion and â€Å"Paia would work with tata, helping with everything” (158), which means Paia can share the heavy burden of back up the whole family that has placed on Stefan’s shoulder since they moved to Canada.\r\nThese two aspects shows that Paia both brings more family happiness to Luba and helps the Dominescu family gradually get out of difficult circumstance. In conclus ion, marrying Paia is obvious a better choice for Luba. He cares for Luba for a longer time than Lachance, has more support from their parents and he shares the same culture and speaks the same language as Luba. Also, he can take care of Luba, as well as her family. Although Luba has difficulties choosing her husband between two gentlemen who are both magic and attractive, it is still lucky for her to have the license to decide her own marriage.\r\n'

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'How was Islam founded? Essay\r'

'Islam was founded in the 17th century when the angel Gabriel revealed to the seer Muhammad the revelations of God.\r\nWhat is the difference between a Shi’ite Islamic and a Sunni Muslim?\r\nThe Sunni believes that the legitimate leading to be recognized by the Muslims ar Mohammad’s successors †the four caliphs. On the some other hand, the Shi’ites believe that only the heirs of the fourth caliphs should bring home the bacon as a religious attraction.\r\n wherefore was the site of the Great Mosque of Cordoba so admit?\r\nThe Great Mosque is appropriate because it was originally create as a church and after became a mosque for the Muslims, which expanded and became the second-largest mosque.\r\nWhat events led to the finish up of the Muslim world in 1492?\r\nThe primary(prenominal) event that marked the subvert of the Muslim world in Iberia was the conquest of Granada. On the second day of January 1492, the Muslim leader of Granada gave up his king dom to the Catholic Monarchs. This became the end of the reconquistas when all of the peninsulas were recaptured by the Catholics.\r\nHow was the Ottoman imperium formed?\r\nThe formal Ottoman empire rose during the year 1299-1453, which is associated with the conk of the roman print Empire. Under this government, the religious and ethnic minorities had freedom from the central control with regards to their internal issues or concerns.\r\nHow does the life of Galla Placida bring the fall of the Roman Empire to life?\r\nDuring the animosities between the Goths and the Emperor, Placidia was captured and after on married Athaulf after the fall of Rome and they settled in gray France.\r\nHow did the Norse use puppet drift in their art?\r\nWith the use of seminaturalistic lions and hushing motifs, the Norse used animal way of life in their art to create pieces that volition represent the 9th to 12th century.\r\nWhy were ms covers a lot reused or stolen?\r\n Manusc ript covers were often reused or stolen because it is make of silver and gold.\r\nWhat splendid artistic elements characterize the Book of Kells?\r\nThe manuscripts were made interesting by the use of vivacious colors and intricate knotwork of human and animal figures. The decorations were filled with Christian symbolism that illuminates the study theme of the illustrations.\r\nWhat was the fate of most Ottonian computer architecture and why?\r\nIt is a pre-Romanesque style of architecture and also known as the Ottonian Renaissance. architecture was influenced by Carolingian tradition. Of the vast come of Churches built, only a few are well-reserved, most have disappeared.\r\n'

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'Academic and Non-Academic Writing Essay\r'

'Writing is divided up into many categories, two of them being donnish and non-academic written material. In order for a soul to write in academic form, time, bowel movement and m unityy ar invested in carrying proscribed certain experiments or research concerning the subject field being discussed to use as certainty to realize the cl sharpen. Also, citations argon usually utilize as they have a tidy influence on the hearing and range to impel them towards believing the writer’s claim.\r\nOn the some other hand, non-academic writing, also referred to as personal writing, stop be create verbally by anyone at anytime as they are usually personal, emotional and impressionistic. It could discuss a person’s assessment or engineer of view on a certain matter.\r\nAcademic and non-academic writing allot a few similarities; however, their differences exceed the ways in which they are a analogous. Although Frehse uses many inverted comma in ”Manage You r Own move”, it is considered non-academic whereas Tyson’s ”Working With Groups” is academic as he uses scientific evidence to support his claim. We can perceive that Frehse’s military man is non-academic from his style of writing and his usage of firstborn and second person gunpoints ‘I, you, and we’ where he refers to himself and addresses the audience.\r\nConversely, academic writing includes the third person point of view and that element is expositd by Tyson’s proceeding. He doesn’t refer to the audience as ‘you’, yet he manages to enlighten his ideas through organization and the use of examples. He uses th e behavior of animals to illustrate an image of the reactions of humans to situations which give airlift to the fear in them. Frehse seems to express his opinion on discovering one’s receive purpose throughout his work by using phrases such as ‘I want to explore’ and ‘I trust that’.\r\nTo support his claim, he uses expert quotations with the aim of getting the audience to agree with his point of view. Academic writing is usually create verbally for those who are interested in the field, like specialists. In contrast to Frehse, Tyson uses facts in plus to observations and quoting experts to get people convinced with his argument. For example, when he mentioned that conflicts can be positive, he quoted Drucker and expound his statement as ‘nicely argued’.\r\nHe also described the types of group work as well as their advantages and drawbacks. So far, besides the usage of quotations to support the statements make by both writers, the only other similarity is the organization of ideas. Both use headings and subheadings to divide their work into different categories. Additionally, they are both written for the general public. On the whole, the two pieces discuss different subjects in different manners therefore their dissimilarit ies can be easily identified.\r\nAcademic and non-academic writing are of entire variance from one another. However, there are characteristics which are ballpark between them like the quotations of people specialize in the field being argued with or discussed. Both writers supported their claims flourishingly and the audience would be in favor in their beliefs or statements.\r\n'

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'Close Reading Essay\r'

'Because if what spate con n ace(a) is: do- nonhing the lamb of laugu develop be taught? Can a grft for storytelling be taught? thenthe enswer is no. Which whitethorn be why the’question is so oftentimes investigateed in a inquisitive leng imFlying that, unlike the multiplication tables or the principles of car mechanics, creativity fucking’t be tansmitted from teacher to student Lnagine Milton enrolling in a graduate program for help virh Paradire Lost,orKa{ka lasting d1s semirlsl in which his classmates irrforn. him thaq franklp they just don’t believe the part about the guywaking up one morning to find he’s a giant bug.\r\nVLrat confuses me is not the sensibleness of the question barely tJre fact that, when address to me, it’s world involveed of a source who has taught makeup, on and off, for almost twenty -What grades. would it opine about mq my students, and the hours’wete spent in the classroom if I said drat any onru sh to teach the make-up of fiction is a complete waste of timl?\r\nI should belike just go ahead and adapt that lve been com mi tting criminal fraud. to f-l an creative *iting be taught? t ] rt” ” r. â€Å"roo.6l” qu”Jtiorr, but no social function how \\-/ often I’ve been asked it, I neer krrow guite what That’s the experience I describe, the coiffe I break out to people who ask about teaching creative writing: A playactshop stop be usefirl.\r\nA best teacher locoweed show you how to edit your work. The cover dass can encourage you and course of study the basis of a community that will help and perplex you. provided that dass, as helpful as it was, is not where I learned to write. *itirg ike most-maybe all-vriters, I learned to write by and, by example, from denotation books.\r\nInstead I help by visiting my owu most valuable experienee not as a teacher, but as a student in one of the few fietion workshops I ware incessantly requestn. This was in the 1970s, during ny brief careLr as a graduate student in mediaeval English literature, when I was allowed the indulgence of taling one fiction dass. Its generous teacher showed me, ,mong otherwise things, how to line-edit my work For any generator, the abiJity to locution at a sentetce and define what’s superfluous, what cen be altered revised, erpanded and, especially, cut, is bssential.\r\nIt’s satisfring to see that prison term shrinl, snap into place, and ultimately emerge in a much polished form: clear, e conomical sharp. Meanwhile, my classmates were providing me with my first historical audience. In that prehistory forrader mass photocopying enabled students to administrate manuscripts in advance, Irre exhibit our work loud. That year I was b”g*ning what would sustain my first novel Arld what made an classic d. ifference to me was the attention I matt-up in the room as the others listened.\r\nI was very(prenominal) dncouraged by their eagerness to hear’ more than 8 capacious before 6e judgment of a writer’s crowd was a illumination in anyone’s eye writers learned by get a lineing the work of their predecessors. They studied meter with Ovid, secret plan consuuction with Homer, posedy with Aristophanes; tl:ey honed their prose style by absorbing the lucid reproves of Montaigne and Samuel Johnson- And who could buzz off asked for mitigate teachexs: generous, uncriticel blessed with wisdom and genius, as endlessh compassionate as only the dead can be?\r\nThough writers shake leamed from the masters. in a formal. methodical way-Harrv Crews has described aking apart(predicate)’a Graham Greene novel to see how many chapters it contained, how much condemnation it cover how Greene handled pacin& tone, and point ofvieiv-the lawfulness iS that this potpourri of education more often involves a kind of osmosis. A-fter I’ve compose an leaven in which lve quoted at length from massive writers, so that fve had to copy out big passages of their work, I’ve noticed that my ingest work becomes, however briefly, just a diminished more fluenl In the ongoing unconscious process of becoming a writer, I take and re discover the authors I most loved.\r\nI pick up for pleasure, firsg but excessively more aualytically, conscious of stylef of dicrion, of how sentences were formed and information was creation conveyed, how the writer was structuring a plot, creating characters, employing detail and dialogue. And as’I wrotq I discovered that writing like reading, was done one discourse at a time, one punctuation mark mark at a ti-e. It reguired what a friend calls lputting each word of honor on u-ial for its Lfe”, changing an adjective, cutting a phrase, removing a sqttrlna and putting the comma back in.\r\nI read stopping pointly, word by word, sentence by sentence, pondering each deceivingly minor decision the writer had made. Arrd though I can’t recall every source of inspiration and instruction, I can remember the novels and stories that seemed to me revelations: wells of dish aerial and pleasure that were also textbooks? courses of private lessons in th”e term account on the theme of cecity il Oedipus Rex and Kinglear. Newere supposed to go through the rwo tragedies and cirde every reference to eyes, light, darkness, and visiort then draw some(prenominal) conclusion on which we would assigned a art of fiction.\r\nWhen I was a richly school junio4 -our English teacher sales booth our final essay. The exercise seemed to us dul! mechanical. We felt we were way beyond it AII of us knew that blindness played a starring business office in both dramas StiL we liked our E. nglish teacher, and we treasured to please him. And searciing for everyrelevantword turned out to pack ari enjoyable seasure-hunt aspect, a Were’s Waldo emissary thrill. Once we bestir oneselfe d looking for eyes, we found them everywhere, look at us, winking from every page.\r\nLong before the idea of a writer’s conference was a glimmer in anyonds eye, writers leamed by reading their predecessors. Th*y studied meter with OYi{ plot construction with Homer, -omedy with Aristophanes. T’ong before the fulgurant of Oedipus or Gloucester, the language of vision and its gelid was prepariag us, consciously or uncousciously, for those violent mutilations. It asked us to consider what it meant to b6 dear-sighted or obtuse, short-sighted or prescieng to solicitude the signs and wamings, to see or deny what was right in front of one’s eyes.\r\nTeiresias, Oedipus, foregoneril, Kent-all of them could be defined by the seriousness or falseness with which they mused or ranted on the subject of literal or nonliteral blindness. tacing those patterns and making those connections was fun. Like cracking a code that the playwright had em. bedded in the text, a riddl e that existed just for me to decipher. I felt as if I were active in some intimate intercourse with dre writer, as if the ghosts of Sophodes and Shakespeare had been waiting patiendy all those centuries for a bookjsh .attention to whatever each word or phrase is tr4nsmitti’.\r\nWord by word is how we learn to hear and then read” which seems only fitting, because that is how the books we are reading were written in the 6rst place. The more we read, the fasterwe can set that magic trick of seeing how the garner have been combined into words that have meaning. The more we read, the more we comprehen{ the more liable(predicate) we are to discover new slipway to read, each one tailored to the intellect why we are reading a particular book.\r\nAt 6rsq the thrill of our own brand-new expertise is all we ask or expect from Dick and Jane. But soon we generate to ask what else those tag on the page can give us. We begin to want information, entertainmeng invention, even truth and beauty. W’e concentrate; we skim, we hop-skip words, put down the book and sidereal daydream, start over, and reread. We firrish a book and return to it days later to see what we might have Tissed, or the ways io which time and age have affected our understanding. As a child, I was drawn to the works of the big(p) escapist chjldren’s writers.\r\nEspecially if I could rerurn to my own bed in time to turn offtl:e lights,I Iiked trading my famiJiar sixteen-year-old to come along and fiad them. I believed that I was acquirement to read in a social unit new way. But this was only pardy uue. Because in fact I was merely relearning to read in an old way that I had leamed; but forgotten. e all begin as close readers.\r\nEven before we learn to read, the process ofbeing read aloud to, and of listenirig, is one in which we are victorious in one word subsequently another, one phrase at a trme, in which we are payrng world for the capital of the United Kingdom of the four children whose nanny parachuted into their lives on her comprehensive and who turned t}re mo$t routine shopping uip into a magical outing.\r\nI would have lief followed the white hyrax down into the rabbit hole and had tea with the Mad Hatter. I loved novels in which children stepped through portals-a garden, a wardrobe-into an alternate uoiverse. Children love the imagination, with its kaleidoscopic possibilities and its objection against the way that children are always being told exacdy what’s true and false, what’s real and what’s illusion.\r\nPerhaps my taste in reading had something to do with the limitations I was discovering, day by day: the brick walls of time and space, acquaintance and probabfity, to say nothing of whatever messages I was picking. up from the culture. I liked novels with gamy heroines like Pippi Longstocking, the astringent Jane Eyre, and the daughters in lower-ranking Wonzw grls whose resourcefulness and intelligence donot automatically spread out them from the pleasures of male attention. Each word of these novels was a yellow brick ia the road to Oz.\r\nSome chapters I read and leread so as to seize the dependable, out-of-body sensation of being someulzere ebe. I read addictively, constantly. On one-family vacation my father pleaded with me to close my book long enough to look at the Grand Canyon. I borrowed dozens of books from the public libraxy: novels, biographies, history anything that looked even remotely engaging. Along with pre-adolescence came a more mechanical press desire for escape. I read more widely, more indiscriminately, and mostly with an interest in how far a book could take me from my life and how long it could keep me there.\r\nGone With rlze LVind Pearl Buck. Edna Ferber. f’at pile Michener best-sellers with a dash of history sprinkled in to cool down the steamy love scenes between the Hawaiian girls and the missionaries, the geishas and the GIs. I also FtcTto N rssuE 2006 lO THE ATLANTIC MoNTHLY appreciated these books for the often misieading nuggets of information they provided about sex in that innocent era, the 1950s. I turned the pages of these Page-turners as fast as I could.\r\n breeding was like eating alone, with that same grammatical constituent of bingeing. I was fortunate to have good teachers, and friend. s who were also readers. The books I read bdcame more chal’ lenging, betterwritten, more substantial. Sieinbe& Camus.\r\nHemingway, Fiugerald, TWain, Salingea Arrne Frank. Litde beatniks, my friends and I were passionate fans of Jack Kerouac, Allen Ginsberg, Lawrence Ferlinghetti. We read . Truman Capote, Carson McCullers, and the proto-hippie classics of Herman Hesse, Carlos Castenada-Mary Poppiru for people who thought they’d outgrown the flying nanny. I-must have been vaguely aware of the power of language, but only dimly, and only as it utilize to whatever effect the book was having on me.\r\n'

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'Culture and World Wide Web Essay\r'

' arse ternet has changed our lives, onward the net, feeling was tout ensemble different. In proterozoic times, passel direct garner for communication, simply now a day, The earthly concern grand Web has changed the adult male in to a greater extent than oneness way. The Internet has suddenly changed politics, business, and refining. flat today, in that location is no need to move letters, it is the forward-looking era, the education applied science time, in which entropy prat start non more(prenominal) than one-half split cooperate to be sent. ternet has changed our lives, in the lead the internet, Life was completely different.\r\nIn early times, the great unwashed sent letters for communication, scarce now a day, The World Wide Web has changed the world in more than one way. The Internet has suddenly changed politics, business, and culture. nowadays today, there is no need to sent letters, it is the youthful era, the information technology time, in which information potty taternet has changed our lives, before the internet, Life was completely different. In early times, people sent letters for communication, but now a day, The World Wide Web has changed the world in more than one way.\r\nThe Internet has suddenly changed politics, business, and culture. Now today, there is no need to sent letters, it is the modern era, the information technology time, in which information can take not more than half second to be sent. The technologies argon growing, developing, but did the culture changed and sour iternet has changed our lives, before the internet, Life was completely different. In early times, people sent letters for communication, but now a day, The World Wide Web has changed the world in more than one way.\r\nThe Internet has suddenly changed politics, busiternet has changed our lives, before the internet, Life was completely different. In early times, people sent letters for communication, but now a day, The World Wide Web has changed the world in more than one way. The Internet has suddenly changed politics, business, and culture. Now today, there is no need to sent letters, it is the modern era, the information technology time, in which information can take not more than half second to be sent.\r\nThe technologies be growing, developing, but did the culture changed and turn into a single culture, not at all. discovery of computers and internet has come like a miracle to mankind. through with(predicate) this the global communication has increased. bulk are gaining association more or less otherwise cultures, but this does not have in mind that they are fully adopting the other culture and this is because soness, and culture. Now today, there is no need to sent letters, it is the modern era, the information technology time, in which information can take not more than half second to be sent.\r\nThe technologies are growing, developing, but did the culture changed and turned into a single culture, not at all. denudation of computers and internet has come like a miracle to mankind. with this the worldwide communication has increased. People are gaining experience about other cultures, but this does not base that they are fully adopting the other culture and this is because sonto a single culture, not at all.\r\nDiscovery of computers and internet has come like a miracle to mankind. Through this the worldwide communication has increased. People are gaining knowledge about other cultures, but this does not mean that they are fully adopting the other culture and this is because soke not more than half second to be sent. The technologies are growing, developing, but did the culture changed and turned into a single culture, not at all. Discovery of computers and internet has come like a miracle to mankind. Through this the worldwide communication has increased.\r\nPeople are gaining knowledge about other cultures, but this does not mean that they are fully adopting the other culture and this is because so The technologies are growing, developing, but did the culture changed and turned into a single culture, not at all. Discovery of computers and internet has come like a miracle to mankind. Through this the worldwide communication has increased. People are gaining knowledge about other cultures, but this does not mean that they are fully adopting the other culture and this is because so\r\n'

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'Traditional Training Methods\r'

'Organizations of at present have a variety of modes to choose from when didactics their employees. There have been many technological advances in the culture industry, however close to employers prefer to lend oneself the conventional systems collect to viability and effectivity of these cooking formats. The almost used traditional dressing methods be instructor-led, hands-on, and synergistic.There be many types of instructor-led knowledges such as blackboard or whiteboard, overhead projector, video, PowerPoint, and storytelling. Storytelling is the most effective technique because trainees can buoy communicate openly and feel less(prenominal) peril by their response for there is no incorrect or right answer. The instructor-led method has advantages that out bid disadvantages.The advantages of this method be: 1) Instructor-led classroom training is an effective method for presenting a large body of material to large or small groups of employees; 2) It is a pers onal, opposite type of training as opposed to computer-based training and early(a) methods we will discuss later; 3) It ensures that everyone gets the equivalent information at the same time; 4) It is cost-effective, specially when non outsourced to guest speakers; and 5)Storytelling grabs people’s attention. BLR, 2011) The disadvantages of this method are: 1) Sometimes it is not interactive; 2) likewise much of the success of the training depends on the effectiveness of the lecturer; 3) Scheduling classroom sessions for large verse of trainees can be difficultâ€especially when trainees are at multiple locations. (BLR, 2011) The hands-on traditional training method enables employees to learn while doing their job. This method utilizes some(prenominal) techniques to train employees such as cross-training, demonstrations, coaching, and apprenticeships.The advantages of hands-on are its effectiveness in training of revolutionary equipment and new procedures; it is app licable to trainees’ jobs, as swell up as enables trainers to chequer a trainee retains well-educated new skills and procedures. The disadvantages are that it is not applicable in large groups; personal training limits trainer’s time spent with other trainees; and apprenticeships are expensive to companies that pay for employees who are less productive than others. (BLR, 2011) The last traditional training is the interactive method. The interactive method enables trainee involvement as well as holds their attention to information to be learned.This method can utilize quizzes, small group discussions, incase studies, question cards, and role playing to influence trainees actively participate. The advantages of this method are trainee involvement resulting in bear new information; fun and enjoyable training; the sharing of experience and knowledge from veteran employees to newer employees; in-session feedback on new employee performance. The main disadvantage is tim e constraints due to activities such as quizzes that take longer. (BLR, 2011) My review of traditional training methods has influenced my opinion of which methods are effective and ineffective.The most effective method would be the hand-on method. This method would play available the opportunity for employees to experience the jobs and responsibilities of other coworkers which would continue knowledge and skill levels. The ineffective method would be the interactive method. This method although fun and enjoyable would not guarantee that the required information would be learned or retained.ReferencesBLR Employee tuition Center. (2011). The Most Effective Training Techniques. Retrieved on April 14, 2011 from http://training. blr. com/employee-training-resources/How-to-Choose-the-Most-Effective-Training-Techniques\r\n'

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'Functional Immunity\r'

'This fictitious character of exemption arises from customary foreign police of nature and treaty rectitude and confers immunities on those performing acts of separate (usually a foreign official). Any person who in performing an act of state commits a barbarous offence is immune from prosecution. This is so even later on(prenominal) the person ceases to perform acts of state. Thus it is a type of granting exemption limited in the acts to which it attaches (acts of state) but leave behind only end if the state itself ceases to exist.This type of immunity is based on respect for sovereign comp atomic number 18 and state dignity. The daubs usually recognised as attracting this immunity ar mountain pass of State or Head of Government, elder cabinet members, Foreign Minister, and Minister for defensive structure: see the Arrest Warrant subject area,Pinochet Case (R v Bow Street Magistrates; ex parte Pinochet Ugarte (No 3) [2000] 1 AC 147, House of Lo rds).Such officers are immune from prosecution for everything they do during their time in office. For example, an English court held that a contendrant could non be issued for the arrest of Robert Mugabe on charges of international crimes on the basis that he was a presently serving Head of State at the time the proceedings were brought: Mugabe, reported at (2004) 53 ICLQ 789. Other examples are the attempts to prosecute Fidel Castro in Spain and Jiang Zemin in the USA.However, the moment accused leaves office, they are liable to be prosecuted for crimes committed before or after their terminus in office, or for crimes committed whilst in office in a personal capacity (subject to jurisdictional requirements and local anaesthetic law). Pinochet was only able to come to mental test because Chile and the UK had both signed and ratified the UN recipe Against Torture through which such immunities were waived. It may be the case that personal immunity is itse lf being eroded.In 2004 the Appeals bedroom of the Special Court for Sierra Leone held that indicted Liberian professorship Charles Taylor could non invoke his Head of State immunity to resist the charges against him, even though he was an incumbent Head of State at the time of his indictment. However, this cerebrate was based on the construction of the courts constituent statute, that dealt with the study of indicting state officials. In any case, Taylor had ceased to be an incumbent Head of State by the time of the courts last so the arresting authorities would have een separated to issue a fresh warrant had the sign warrant been overturned. Nevertheless, this decision may signal a changing direction in international law on this issue. Recent phylogenesiss in international law suggest that this type of immunity, whilst it may be ready(prenominal) as a defence to prosecution for local or domestic crimes or civil liability, is not a defence to an international crime. ( supranational crimes include crimes against humanity, war crimes, and genocide).This has developed in the jurisprudence of the International cruel Tribunal for the Former Yugoslavia, particularly in the Karadzic, Milosevic, and Furundzija cases (though disquiet should be taken when considering ICTY jurisprudence due to its Ad-hoc nature). This was in any case the agreed position as between the parties in their pleadings in the International Court of Justice Case Concerning the Arrest Warrant of 11 April 2000 (Democratic Republic of the congou tea v. Belgium).The reasons commonly given for why this immunity is not available as a defense to international crimes is straight forward: (1) that is genocide, war crimes and crimes against humanity are not acts of state. Criminal acts of the type in irresolution are committed by human actors, not states; and (2) we cannot allow the jus cogens nature of international crimes, i. e. the fact that they are non-derogable norms, to be eroded by immunities. However, the final legal opinion of the ICJ regarding immunity may have thrown the cosmos of such a rule limiting in operation(p) immunities into doubt.See in this respect the criticism of the ICJs approach by Wouters, Cassese and Wirth among others, though some such as Bassiouni aver that the ICJ affirmed the existence of the rule. Regarding claims based on the estimate that a senior state official committing International crimes can never be said to be acting officially, as Wouters notes â€Å"This argument, however, is not waterproof since it ignores the worrying reality that in most cases those crimes are on the dot committed by or with the support of high-altitude officials as part of a state’s policy, and thus can fall within the background knowledge of official acts. Academic opinion on the proceeds is divided and indeed only the future development of International Customary law, possibly a ccelerated by states exercising universal jurisdiction over retired senior state officials, will be able to fix whether state sovereignty has now yielded partially to internationally held human rights values.In November 2007, French prosecutors refused to press charges against former US Secretary of Defense Donald Rumsfeld for torture and other assert crimes committed during the course of the US invasion of Iraq, on the grounds that heads of state enjoyed official immunity to a lower place customary international law, and they further claimed that the immunity exists after the official has left office. [1]\r\n'

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'Wisped is a valuable research tool for university students How do I do my research: Online source first of allly, I opened Google Search Engine and printed there the make out words: Wisped †valuable †research. whence I apply related terms as veritable, credible, source. My next ill-use was to read background information on distinct sites and reflexion for main ideas and issues cosmos discussed, the terminology is being use. I built my statements: 1) Wisped AND credibility; 2) Value no Wisped; 3)Wisped AND credible OR valuable OR true(p) OR trustworthy AND source OR resource.I used the sites of different universities, because I consider them as the some suitable and credible. The main reason why Wisped isnt a valuable research tool is: anyone who wants can game material, and the expertise of the posters is not taken into consideration. How do I do my research: Offline source To start with, I should find some articles on the following topic. First source I found is the article of doubting Thomas Cheney, 2006. â€Å"An empirical examination of Wisterias credibility,” First Monday, volume 11, consider 11 (November), where he states that Wisped hasnt got ‘high credibility, but it certainly is not ‘low.His survey shows that 13 percent of Wisterias articles have errors. Then I searched for another article to have a wider view on this theme. I took a look at the work of Magnums, P. D. , Assistant Professor at the University at Albany, (2008), â€Å"Early response to false claims In Wisped” ; First Monday, 13(9). There he points that Wisped Is a reliable research tool because even If there are some Inaccuracies they are being deleted within 3 hours or less.\r\n'

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'Mobile Phones Essay\r'

' brisk phones hurt had much(prenominal) a large wedge in our modern twenty-first century societies, that they boast travel part and parcel of our daily lives. Nowadays, it has become the average in our towns and villages to see good deal who atomic number 18 absorb tapping on their cell phones. ready phones have changed the focvictimization people communicate. These devices ar carried anywhere people go because they atomic number 18 light and easy to carry around, such that everyone is constantly in touch with others. This is very diverse from when home and represent telephones were the only means of communication.\r\nNowadays, people female genital organ call each other using their mobile phones wherever they are as yen as there is reception, regardless of the country they are in. This can be invigoration-saving when emergency calls are needed, spot also very useful to communicate with work colleagues, family and friends. Further more than, mobile phones have al so given receive to text messages, which are demonstrate to be more convenient than phone calls, because they can be answered at the receiver’s convenience without being disturbed.\r\n get a line more: Essay on Use of Mobile Phones by Students\r\nSmart phones are the in style(p) kindly of mobile devices, which have been available for only a couple of years. These phones continue to enhance our communication, mainly by using the internet for third party services, such as chatting and social networking sites. Moreoer, these phones can be utilise for a multitude of other things, such that they are able to have the function of a computer, a music player, a camera, a video camera, a gaming console and a diary, among other uses.\r\nMobile phones have also been of a disadvantage to their users. spate in modern societies are frequently found to be addicted to their cell phones. They check if they have any new message over and over again, even when they are out with their frien ds or when they are on a date. Firstly, this obsession shows lack of dexterity because mobile phones are given more immensity than the person in front of them. Secondly, this lack of priorities can often be dangerous, for example while driving. The in vogue(p) smart phones could be very expensive.\r\nEven though there are a variety of affordable cell phones and smart phones, some people, most often youths, spend hundreds of Euros every year to buy the latest smart phone, although having only a small cash advance over the previous one. Generally, this is a result of glib and costly advertising do by lusus naturae manufacturers. Furthermore, this has also been a common subject for determent in schools. Mobile phones have obviously made people’s work and personal life much easier. As long as these are used with caution and moderation, cell phones do non have any particular negative impact on people’s lifestyle and health.\r\n'

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'Industry Life Cycle Essay\r'

'It is quite raw(a) that people concerned with environmental issues could worry more(prenominal) or less the whatchamac anyum fabrication. As it operates 24 hours and required spicy frequency deliveries, it inevitably include in the soused criticism because high frequency delivery is tell to cause traffic jams and increase exhaust brag pollution. Even the 24-hour operation mode is criticized by many a(prenominal) a(prenominal) quarters in light of environmental problems, and hitherto social problems same the increase of crime. To deal with these problems, thingumabob retentiveness takes up with reducing the computes of deliveries through and through their effort.\r\nIt as well invests on electricity-saving equipment to be inst completelyed at all of its chain workshops to save the electricity of electric lights and withal the electricity of air-conditioners simultaneously. assiduity Life Cycle The genius of corporate strategy depart kind as industries move alo ng the spirit cycle. Introduction form In 1927, the Southland Ice Company is founded in oak Cliff, Texas Tote’m stores introduced. At the same time, other(a) types of stores were emerging much(prenominal) as â€Å"midget” stores and â€Å"motorterias” or mobile convenience stores. Sometimes super commercializes had small outlets in rural athletic fields for people.\r\nThe pattern of the emerging â€Å"convenience” types of stores grew modestly until World War II (although they were not unless called â€Å"convenience stores”). The big factor in all of these operations was fast serving. In this phase, perseverance performed a high p strain, bargonly profit is low receivable to investment in untested category. Growth leg At the end of the World War II and the change magnitude ownership of automobiles sparked the rapid growth of the industry in the 1950s. The automobile helped fuel the growth of suburban living. The industry grew rapidly along with this consumer need for favourable shop.\r\nAdditional forces continue to drive convenience store growth. As grocery stores became larger and larger, they became less handy for the guest who was in a hurry. thingmajig stores fill up in. Also, the increase in the number of working women trim the amount of time uncommitted for shopping. Convenience stores began go throttle in US when self-serve became popular. As the industry moves towards growth, competitors are take ined by its potential and enter the market: supermarkets, mom-and-pop grocery stores, specialty food shops, drug and modification stores, vending fast food chains.\r\nStep into 1970s, convenience store operators had to cope with price and wage controls, gasoline and merchandise shortages, record inflation and interest rates, and increased controversy due to longer hours and increased discounting by supermarkets. Maturity Phase As all the available customers are satisfied by the product, growth slow s elaborate and the market becomes mature. In the late 1980s, in that respect was a continued reduction in the opening of invigorated stores and an increase in the investment required for a new store. Industry attention moved to modify operations, margins and cost control.\r\nRapidly changing technology area is providing new challenges and opportunities for the industry. Costs continued to go up with severe competition held back margins; more regulations were imposed, and there was an increased cost of doing business. Store labor cost were increasing due to increases in the minimum wage, more fringe benefits as well as many other factors such as adding service items like gasoline. As the number of convenience stores increased, the average number of households served by an individual store dropped.\r\nThe higher take aim of saturation and increased competition led to less customers per store; therefore, stores remodeled to attract more customers rather than mental synthesis ne w stores. The convenience store industry continued in the maturity phase; but the electric shock of increased competition, higher energy costs, new store expenses, and higher labor expenses reduced profits as a percentage of sales. Those companies that seek out customer needs and align themselves to serve those needs leave alone be successful in the future.\r\nStructural drivers of change Structural drivers of change are forces likely to push the structure of an industry, sector or market. It will be the combined effect of some of these separate factors that will be so important, rather than the factors separately. (Johnson & Scholes, 1999) 1. Issues of the fair play’s effectiveness: With the deregulation of many areas such as liquor license, aesculapian supplies, travelling tickets, tours and so on, convenience stores should prepare its entry to deregulation fields.\r\nFor instance, in expectation of deregulation in the sales of medical supplies, many convenience st ores are preparing to entry to this field. It gives more opportunities for industry to attract more customers. 2. offering new services: Offering new service is also a weapon for convenience stores to face the competition. Industry offers convenient services based on from each one neighborhood’s individual needs, including automated bullion orders, copiers, fax and automatic teller machines, long-distance phone cards and lottery tickets, where available.\r\nNot only does this service contribute to the increase in sales figures, but it also attracts many customers resulting in incidental shopping as well. For example, 7-Eleven in Japan sell rice and this contributes in particular to capturing the housewife bracket as a new customer type. This customer sort had previously seldom shopped in the convenience store. Offering goods and services related closely to daily life enables a store to expand the base of its customers.\r\n acumen of different industry: Competition become s aggressive because the perceptiveness of different industry. In the convenience retailing area, supermarket establishes their 24 hour store in some place. Convenience stores sell drug in order to attract more customer from drug store. Global players are getting into the game. Discount department stores are despicable into grocery store categories. The convergence of retail competition will intensify competitive pressures and renew downward(prenominal) pressure on prices and margins.\r\n'

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'How Does Fatigue Affect Labour Productivity\r'

'1) How does tire affect Labour productiveness? Fatigue affects labour productivity by impairing the competency of a change by reversaler to carry out his/her involve duties as expected and in a steady-going manner. With increase in cloy comes a diminution in muscular strength, attention to details and button of preoccupancy. A worker or employee who is gradually losing strength, losing tautness and not giving attention to details is usually much prone to mistakes and would not be fitted to work at his/her optimum level.Fatigue has also been cognise to affect employee wellness. A common example is continuing fatigue syndrome (CFS), which is a debilitating chronic disorder affecting various people worldwide (Lin et. Al. , 2011). Those affect endure chronic, incapacitating material and mental fatigue that is not relieved by rest. This illness is exacerbated by physical or mental exertion and is accompanied by impaired memory and closeness, unrefreshing sleep, muscl e and interchangeable pain, and other defining symptoms (www. ncbi. nlm. nih. gov).It doesn’t implore projectile science to assert that an employee/worker whose health is adversely affected would never perform any given(p) confinement to satisfaction. 2) Major factors that contribute to increase in fatigue in workers. * Working conditions * Noise: Wokocha and Sopruchi (2010) in their study explained that illegitimate enterprise cause are both(prenominal) health and behavioural in nature. He move on said that unwanted sound can ruin Physiological and psychological health. And any worker whose health is affected cannot perform any given task properly.Noise pollution can cause annoyance and aggression, hypertension, exalted pains levels, tinnitus, hearing loss, sleep disturbances, fatigue, make talk difficult as well as leads to productivity losses due to poor concentration. * Heat stress: heat stress occurs when the body takes in and/or produces more heat than it gives off, thus raising the marrow squash body temperature beyond normal. It could happen due to the conclave of naughty air temperature, high humidity, high shaft of light heat input, high energy expenditure (due to physical workload) and high metabolism (Groover, 2007).Heat usually hampers the ability of an employee to work efficiently. * Cold * Humidity * General state of health of employees * Nature of work * Posture during work * fibrous exertion * Tediousness * Stress * Repetitiveness with a short cycle. * Jobs that require high concentrations * Eye grade ( Kanawaty, 1992) 3) How the use of automobiles negatively affect workers The use of molds oddly in manufacturing industries is usually accompanied with intervention, vibration, sameness, and high concentration on the part of the workers who use them.The accumulated effects of vibrations usually affect the hands and the arms; monotony creates boredom and a job that requires a high level of concentration usually req uires a hoi polloi of energy. All these contribute to a gradual drop-off in muscular strength and an increase in fatigue; as fatigue increases, attention and concentration decreases, making the worker more prone to injuries and a subsequent loss in productivity. 4) The reasons for giving workers more relaxation grants for using some machines while others require less.More relaxation allowance| Less relaxation allowance| 1) Partial or complete absence of noise simplification components on machines| Presence of noise drop-off components on machines. | 2) A high level of machine vibration| A considerable level of machine vibration| 3) Attention not given to reduction of vibration and noise. | Ergonomically built machines with attention given to noise and vibration reductions. | | | References. Jin-Mann S Lin, Stephen C Resch, Dana J Brimmer, Andrew Johnson, Stephen Kennedy, Nancy Burstein and chant J Simon(2011).The economic impact of chronic fatigue syndrome in Georgia: direct a nd indirect costs. daybook of Cost Effectiveness and Resource Allocation. Volume 9. Retrieved from http://www. resource-allocation. com/ contented/9/1/1 on 15/11/2012 Wokocha G. A. and Sopruchi Ihenko (2010). Industrial Noise Level and its refer on Oil Company Workers in Rivers State, Nigeria. nitty-gritty Eastern Finance and Economics ISSN: 1450-2889 Issue 8. Retrieved from http://www. eurojournals. com/MEFE. htm on 15/11/2012. Groover, M. P. (2007). Work Systems and The Methods; Measurement and charge of Work. pp 661\r\n'

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'Adolescence and Self-esteem Essay\r'

' followup Questions\r\n1. In what beas do tikeren and adolescents delimitate their vanity?\r\nChildren and adolescents generally line their self-assertion in terms of companionable, academic, physical, and moral factors.\r\n2. What approximate deal a p bent do, in the first-year two days of their nestling’s life, to avail the baby pause good self-conceit? The first is a intelligence of themselves as individuals. The second meaning(a) concept a churl develops during this time is a sense datum of trust and love that is strengthened upon a solid bond paper between the electric razor and his c atomic number 18givers. 3. What argon or so things that assimilate a negative nucleus on a youngster’s self-esteem? How ar sisterren impact by these factors?\r\nSome things that have a negative effect on a child’s self-esteem are their self-image, croakting in at school, poverty, abuse and fights at home. Children are accepted by these factors by all the stress and they set out depress.\r\nCritical Thinking Questions\r\n1. why is it difficult to mold self-esteem?\r\nIt’s difficult to define self-esteem because not everyone knows the take meaning of it.\r\n2. What are some ship jackpotal that call downs can help their children develop good genial self-esteem?\r\nSome ways are making real that the child has many friendly outlets and therefore plenty of opportunities to move with peers and develop social skills. A conjure can secernate behaviors that other children are plausibly to be turned discharge by and coach the child to control those behaviors. A parent can improve a child’s social status by tutoring him in his academic subjects. Also by encouraging a child to develop his talents, a parent may help a child improve his standing(a) within his peer group.\r\n3. What are some ways that parents can help their children develop good academic self-esteem?\r\nParents can encourage their children to s et living goals. They can help their children honour solutions to their problems in school and wait on them in developing organisational skills.\r\nHow does positive self-esteem affect children as they develop with their teen years? What are characteristics of people with high self-esteem? Low self-esteem?\r\n overconfident self-esteem affects children as they develop through their teen years because when you’re a child you don’t amaze about trying to fit in and you are not worrying about existence judged. With high self-esteem teenagers admit to accept who they’re.\r\n'