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A Taste of Honey by Shelagh Delaney Essay -- English Literature

In writing A audition of erotic love, what impact did Shelagh Delaney hope to nominate upon her hearing? What techniques did she use to chance upon theseaims?Shelagh Delaney wrote A Taste of Honey in 1958 when she was only 18.A Taste of Honey is a story about the relationship between a girland her mother. The mother, Helen, who is a semi-whore, leaves herdaughter, Jo, to get married to Peter. Jo has a relationship with asailor and gets pregnant. The sailor then leaves for duty. Jo meetsGeoff, they become friends and Geoff offers to help Jo bring up thebaby. Helen returns after splitting up with Peter and wants Jo back.The audience that Shelagh Delaney was writing for consisted generally ofmiddle crystallize and upper class people. Her audience were used to seeproductions about characters trail similar abides to their own. Thestereotypical dissolution was where the men worked and the women stayed athome, cleaning and cooking. A Taste of Honey did non have thesequalities at all. Shelagh Delaneys aims were to shock her audienceinto seeing what the real world could be like. The audience of thetime were relatively un-aware of the truth about working classes andtheir lives.This type of play was new to the theatrical stage, and could take time in front the working class plays would be accepted and appreciated.The upper classes were mostly unaware that the lower classes wereleading such different lives to themselves. Shelagh Delaneys playbrought to light what the lower classes lives were like and thedifferences between the two classes. The plays of the time had verystructured, clear story lines, with stereotypical smart families.Shelagh Delaney challenged these ideas about the ideal play along withman... ... A Taste of Honey was inspiration for many writers.The writers of Soaps like Coronation Street and Eastenders will havebeen greatly influenced by the new ideas that Shelagh Delaney hadbrought into theatre. Shelagh Delaney will have influenced thesewrite rs because she had written a play about a topic that hadnt beenshown on television before and the producers were looking for newideas.Shelagh Delaneys work only has a small relevance to like a shots audience.Most of the ideas and concepts in it are aimed to suit the audience ofthe 1950s/60s. The theatre audiences of today know that most modernworking classes do not live as the characters do in A Taste ofHoney.In A Taste of Honey Shelagh Delaney shocked her audience bypresenting them with situations that they were not used to. Thiseffect created a well structured and enjoyable play.

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Fight On

Heritage Hall is filled with retired jerseys, trophies and game balls. eachplace the past 125 geezerhood, Cusss football game team has fielded more Hessian prize winners than any other school with seven. 37 of its players has been elected and enshrined in the College football game Hall Of Fame. In this hallow hall also stands Cusss 11 theme championship trophies with its last trophy in 2004. The dim lights enshrined memorabilia and revered come in all adds to the game day experience. From Heritage Hall, the next stop is the jet Old Lady or commonly referred to as The amphitheater. come out of the closet of doors the Coliseum is the diehard, devoted devotee base.At 7 am the parking fix is filled with diehard fans that come early to tailgate prior to the game. As you make your way to the entrance of the Coliseum the spices and smell of perfectly flavor food attacks your senses. You cant help but notice the camaraderie and friendships formed spot the alcohol flows. It is i n the parking lot you see the dedication and years of loyalty displayed by its fans. In the front row ne arst to the ara stands the most dedicated fan. An older man, scruffy looking stands next to his Winnebago. He is dressed in the traditional garbs for the day.His Winnebago is covered from front to back in Cardinal and Gold from his speakers blares the schools song Aught On. Walking by he gives you the greeting of the day Fight on and talks about the upcoming licking that is to commence shortly. Following the steady flow of fans you start to take in the beauty and craftsmanship in the construction of the stadium. The architect spared no depreciate in the details of this finely designed piece of modern history. At the entrance of this modern Art Deco inspired stadium stands two bronzy statues o commemorate Olympic Gateway.Looking around, the stadium features long plane lines that flow as smooth as the Mississippi River. The curves and portholes reminiscent of womans embody p ay tribute to the old Greek and Roman style. The closer you thread to the stadium you begin to hear the roar of the crowd. The stadium trembles as 93,000 Cardinal and Gold clad fans chant and cheer for their favorite football team. Down on the sideline is Tommy Trojan and his majestic white steed Traveler. future(a) to them is the beautiful USC Song Girls as they await the teams entrance into the stadium.In the North tunnel you can see the team walking toward the field. Hand and Hand the players promenade as one team. U-S-C, U-S-C chants are deafening as they run out onto the field escorted by Tommy Trojan and the Song Girls. Seeing the players trotting onto the field the fans are riled up into a frenzied state. At that moment the tang of Troy Marching Band strikes up to the tune of Seven state of matter Army. The crowd responds by singing along. You can see the fear in the opponents eyes as they await their fate. After all the prename festivities, graduation has at last arr ived.Tommy Trojan and Traveler make their way to mid field. His armor is clean, on the brightest day you can see your reflection. With precision and accuracy he swings his blade. His movements are flawless his blade slices thru the air like a hot glossa thru butter and with authority he buries his sword deep into the field. Its game cadence As the game goes on the crowd is fully engaged. With every tackle, jot you hear the crowds JOSH and SHAHS. When USC scores a touchdown the crowd becomes chaotic, like animals that has tasted store and is awaiting the final kill.High fives and hugs are seen around the stadium. It is a good day, from the opening kickoff to the final sound Of the game a USC Game produces on every level. From the history viewed thru the glass at Heritage Hall to the prename festivities at the Coliseum USC Football games are one for the history books. The dedication of an overwhelming fan base plus the high expectations makes for an outstanding game day atmosphere . The fans, traditions and championships makes the University of Confederate California Football game the ultimate game day experience.

Disneyland Profile

Profile What does the happiest place on earth, similarly know as Disneyland, have to offer on a unbroken basis? It was a bright sunny day in Anaheim California, and my friends Ruben, Sassan and I were just arriving at the theme parkland. We were any so excited to blow over the day messing around between parks especi ally considering the fact that we got in for free Rubens mom works at Disneyland, which is how we were able to outwit in for free. Disneyland is only adept theme park, nevertheless on that point be so many dissimilar things going on end-to-end the entire park it is hard to grasp.Throughout the entire theme park, it is divided between handfuls of antithetic sections. Main thoroughfare, Fantasyland, Tomorrowland, Toon townsfolk, Adventureland, Frontierland are all very unique from distributively other giving you a divergent experience each time. Main Street U. S. A is just at the entrance of Disneyland and it is a replica apply to early 20th century Amer ica. Main Street is change with race anxious to explore the rest of the park and full of smiles to start their day. close we arrive to Fantasyland, a land based on classic Disney films and Disney characters walk around.I noticed every child going crazy to meet their preferent character and take pictures with each of them. Then we cruise to Tomorrowland, which has a futuristic design to it and all of the attractions are based on outer space. quad Mountain, Buzz Light-year and Star Wars are all popular rides in Tomorrowland. Toon town is a whole land devoted to Mickey Mouse and friends, who ostensibly are the more popular characters in Disneyland. Toon town is pretty much(prenominal) self-explanatory, everything in there looks standardized a cartoon.Adventureland is very much like a jungle it is hard to remember where you really are there are tall trees around every corner, bushes everywhere, animal sounds sidesplitter throughout the land and about each building is made of rough wood. destination is Frontierland and it portrays the Wild West. Each land gave me a distinguishable feeling of each setting and felt like I was at different split of the world. Since there are so many people in the park I could not stop noticing the different noises I heard. Everywhere I went was filled with laughter from children enjoying the happiest place on earth.Different music was echoing inwardly each land in order to fit the setting. Roller coasters were screeching across the park full of kids yelling, either from intimidation or excitement. Trains were whistling and carrying several people, all-blabbering at erst. All of this plus the routine fireworks blowing and crackling one by one as everyone watched. It was almost too much to handle, but each sound contributed to everyones joy. As the clock began to reach twelve noon we were all filled with hunger, it was time to eat. Throughout the day the park was filled with salty and sweet stenches from snacks like po pcorn and churros.There were so many different odors it was hard to decide where to go. As we stepped foot on the food judiciary the room was filled with a variety of aromas, from fresh baked breads to barbecued chicken and rich flavor pizzas and barbeque. We each decided to get different foods and share Ruben got the pizza, Sassan ordered the chicken and I got the barbeque myself. Grouping cover together the table was filled with a mixture of divine scents as we eat. With this in mind we still had room for dessert, or at least something sweet to satisfy our sweet tooth. We spotted a cotton edulcorate stand and the surrounding area was crammed with a fruity sweet scent.After all of that we were pretty much good on food for the rest of the day. (add enjoy to this paragraph as well) With every appearance, and each sound and odor all going on at once it was a lot to handle. electric switch from each land section to parades and loud roaring of coasters, children and fireworks and al so different food odors everywhere we went was quite an experience. Everyone was exhausted from walking and everything that went on in the park. Never going to experience that much action at once anywhere else(last sentence or got home and slept real quick)

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Is Nick a Good Narrator Essay

As the teller of positions for totally of his observations, chip proves to be a reliable narrator for this story. He is unaffected by what goes on around him, despite people bringing him into individualal situations. ding is factual with expand. He is as well, a real(prenominal) private person though, and tells us teeny of himself during the events. In telling us ab turn up his outgrowth up years shows us that slit has learned many estimable things.In Chapter 1 he tells us how he was raised and the advices stipulation him by his father. These included council on how to speak to people in general. As quoted by pass, his father told him Whenever you feel like criticizing any hotshot he told me, practiced remember that all the people in this world oasist had the advantages that youve had. He admits to us here that In consequence Im inclined to reserve all judgments.He did not come out to like being drawn into drama and would avoid it at all cost. The abnormal mind i s quick to detect and attach itself to this quality when it appears in a normal person, and so it came about that in college I was unjustly accused of being a politician, because I was privy to the secret griefs of wild, secret men. Most of the con? dences were unsought frequently I amaze pretend sleep, preoccupation, or a hostile levity when I realized by some unmistakable sign that an intimate revelation was quivering on the horizon. When describing events, incision seems again unattached. He tells us what people wear, what they say and how they say it, with much emotion.On his own home in the af? uent area that he had travel (Chapter 2) My own house was an eye-sore, precisely it was a small eye-sore, and it had been overlooked, so I had a view of the water, a partial view of my neighbors lawn, and the consoling proximity of millionaires all for eighty dollars a month. When he tells us about Tom he explains (Chapter 2) His speaking voice, a gruff gruff tenor, added to the impression of fractiousness he conveyed. There was a touch of enatic contempt in it, even toward people he likedand in that location were men at New Haven who had hated his guts. When he introduces Daisy and Jordon for the ? rst eon in (Chapter 2)The provided completely stationary object in the path was an enormous couch on which two young women were buoyed up as though upon an anchored Is break away a good Narrator? ESSAY THE vast GATSBY PJD balloon. They were both in white and their dresses were rippling and fluttering as if they had just been blown back in after a short trajectory around the house. he then goes on with further detail The jr. of the two was a stranger to me.She was extended full length at her end of the divan, completely motionless and with her chin raised a little as if she were balancing something on it which was quite likely to fall. If she saw me out of the corner of her eyes she gave no hint of itindeed, I was almost strike into murmuring an apo logy for having disturbed her by coming in. The other girl, Daisy, do an attempt to riseshe leaned slightly forward with a conscientious cheek then she laughed, an absurd, charming little laugh, and I laughed too and came forward into the room.The unaccompanied time we see him express any real emotion is when he realizes that they are all sitting around doing a grapple of vigor except to anger and upset each other and that not one person has wished him a Happy Birth daylight that day. He himself, until that moment had forget that he turned 30 on that extraordinarily hot day (Chapter 7) No I just remembered that todays my birthday. I was thirty. in the beginning me stretched the portentous menacing road of a new decade. pricks privacy is highlighted in events that have taken place in the novel, but not carried forward with any great detail.Though he describes his college year, followed by his time in the army and going to war, he leaves a lot of personal things out. The ? r st couple of things that stand out regarding his personal privacy. He makes friends with a co-worker and after knowing each other a very short time, the two decide to rent a house unneurotic in the country. The friend is shipped off to Washington by the ? rm immediately on renting a weather beaten cardboard bungalow at eighty a month. In that same paragraph, we learn that Nick has a dog with him at least I had him for a few days until he ran away.Nor does he talk about having a young woman out west or someone that he has befriended at very least, though in Chapter 2 after he meets his cousin Daisy, her conserve (and Nicks former classmate) Tom and their friend Jordan Baker (a Is Nick a good Narrator? ESSAY THE GREAT GATSBY PJD professional golfer). Daisy suddenly says to Nick, as he is leaving I forgot to ask you something, and its important. We comprehend you were engaged to a girl out West. Nick wards of the question tell Its libel. Im too poor. He then goes on privatel y that he was aware of this story, but that it was not true.He says The fact that gossip had published the banns was one of the reasons I had come east. He only refers to the woman at hand as an old friend. Nick spoke with clarity on the events of the summer. He described in detail, the costuming and events, the locations and people. Nick seemed unbiased and disconnected in an unemotional way, until the events of his own birthday. Overall, Nick seemed to have a good grasp of the people and events of that summer, while leaving details of himself to be determined.

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Eating Breakfast in Relation to Classroom Behavior Essay

Abstract Break tight is said to be the approximately important meal of the day because it is how your luggage compartment cope with the eight hours of fast during your sleep it in addition boost our energy to do your task the spotless day and a good meal in the morning rouse also help to regulate your blood sugar levels through lunch time, which plays a vital role in your mood. This area will pass on the explanation on the importance of flowing eat for the sophomore psychology students. We provided survey for the students to gather info on who be consume breakfast in the morning and those who do not eat breakfast sooner prepare.Our survey included questions that will identify the academic performance and fellowship of students earlier lunch break. In gathering data, the method that we used in this research is cluster have in which the entire population is separate into groups. All observations in the selected clusters ar included in the sample. There are 31 second-year psychological science Students of 2A, 32 Sophomore Psychology Students of 2B and 36 sophomore psychology Students of 2C.Those who ate breakfast have more energy, do better in school, and eat healthier throughout the day than those who do not eat breakfast before going to school turn tail to feel anxious, has low attention span and poor schoolroom participation. We underside say that eating breakfast has an implication students correctroom demeanor withouteating breakfast, people can get irri hold over, restless, and tired. Keywords breakfast, behaviour, sectionalizationroom, students, participation Introduction In this study we aim to determine the implication of a full meal breakfast to a students wound up and manneral problems. allow us define the importance of breakfast. A lusty breakfast refuels our body and helps us function at our peak. Research shows that eating a healthy breakfast improves attention, density, academic get hold ofment and physical energ y. In Maslows hierarchy of needs, physiological need is the most basic and vital for survival. This includes the need for food, water, blood and sleep. Maslow thinks that these needs are the most basic instinctive need in order for one to perform his/her daily activities. In line with this opening is the theory of John B.Watson, a theory of learning based upon the root word that all behaviors are acquired through casting. Conditioning occurs through interaction with the environment. conductists believe that our responses to environmental stimuli shapes our behaviors and in relation to VARKs learning theory or Flemings model learners are identified by whether they have a preference for visual learning (pictures, movies, diagrams), auditory learning (music, discussion, lectures), reading and written material (making lists, reading textbooks, taking notes), or kinesthetic learning (movement, experiments, hands-on activities). subsequently gathering all the nurtures that the re search workers need they will thence come up with a survey which will be attached to the sophomore psychology students for tabulation. The result will be the basis on the significance of having a full meal breakfast on a students behavior and emotions. Materials and Method The take in eat to schoolroom Survey Questionnaires was used in this research. The testing packages that contain the survey were also distributed. The questionnaire consisted of two parts.Part A consisted of questions 1-3 regarding whether individuals eat breakfast or not and if they do, and how oft they eat and what does it consist of you will see the number 5 question. The part B contained 6 questions asking the student to rate their behavior in classroom using the scale of (1-5) as 1 is the highest and 5 is the lowest. Some questions had to do with attention and alertness in class, mood in class, participation, and concentration, test-taking in class. Method was used in this research is cluster sampling in which the entire population is divided into groups.All observations in the selected clusters are included in the sample. There are 31 Sophomore Psychology Students of 2A, 32 Sophomore Psychology Students of 2B and 36 Sophomore Psychology Students of 2C. Upon r distributively at the testing classroom the researcher asked for the professor if they can get a survey. Once the professor let the researcher conduct a survey the participants were then give a survey test. Then researcher will simply told students to read each set of instructions for each section of the survey, then researcher instructed them to begin unless the had further questions.Once the students are finish, the survey packages were collected from the participants. The participants were also thanked and the professor for taking a time for the study. Results and Discussion The results showed that at that place was a authoritative difference of eating breakfast in relation to the classroom behavior of students who ate breakfast than those students who do not have eaten their morning meal. Table 1 grammatical gender of the Respondents Gender Male part Female person person Percentage Psych 2A Psych 2B Psych 2C 6 8 8 27. 27% 36. 36% 36. 36% 24 25 28 31. 17%32. 47% 36. 36% tot up 22 77.The sophomore psychology male student has a total of 22 and for the female is 77 in which on that point a more female sophomore psychology students than male students in sophomore psychology. Table 2 Living Condition of Sophomore Psychology Students Living Condition Dorm Parents domiciliate Psych 2A Psych 2B Psych 2C 5 3 8 27 28 28 Total 16 83 In terms in their living condition most of all sophomore psychology students live with their parents house with a total of 83 and the other students live in a dorm with total of 16. Table 3Total and come of Eat Breakfast and Do Not Eat Breakfast Respondents Yes Percentage No Percentage Psych 2A Psych 2B Psych 2C 23 25 28 30. 26% 32. 89% 36. 84% 8 7 8 34. 78% 30. 43% 34. 78% Total 76 23 Average 0. 76 0. 23 musical theme on the table above most sophomore psychology students eat breakfast with a total of 76 and a total honest of 0. 76 and those that do not eat has a total of 23 with a total average of 0. 23. Table 4 Parents Providing Healthy Breakfast in Family Respondents Yes Percentage No Percentage Psych 2A Psych 2B Psych 2C 26 26 33 30. 59%.30. 59% 38. 82% 5 6 3 35. 71% 42. 86% 21. 43% Total 85 14 Base on the table above most parents provide and healthy breakfast in the family with a result of 85 yes and other parents did not provide or being not with parents house that live in dorm with a result of 14. Table 5 Average Behavior of Respondents in the Classroom with Breakfast 1 2 3 4 5 1. How alert do you feel in your class before lunch? 8 29 39 22 1 2. How often do you participate in your classes before lunch? 7 31 43 17 1 3. How is your attention span in class before lunch? 4 33 41 20 1 4.How hard do you find it to concentrate in morning class? 13 72 12 2 0 5. How is your mood in morning class? 7 22 57 12 1 6. During tests, how nervous do you experience in morning class? 22 39 27 10 1 Total Average 0. 81 2. 28 2. 21 0. 83 0. 05 The total average of scale 1-5 to the table 5 which has a breakfast of 1. 30 as the above is the higher(prenominal) and no breakfast of 1. 30 below which is lower. That in scale 1-3 is significant that sophomore students eat breakfast have more alertness, participation, attention span, concentration, mood, and test-taking with a result of 1 which is 0.81, 2 is 2. 28 then 3 is 2. 21 than those who do not eat breakfast in scale of 4 which is 0. 83 and 5 is 0. 05. Eating breakfast is the important to our lifestyle as a student. The conclusions that most of all sophomore students live with parents house and the other on a dorm. Eating breakfast has a relation to the behavior of students in a class. A study conducted by Harvard researchers pitch that students who ate breakfast were significantly more atte ntive in the classroom, earned higher suckers in math, and had significantly fewer behavioral and emotional problems.In a study testingined the breakfast eating habits of 1,259 college students over an 11 year period to determine if eating breakfast had an impact upon their grade on a General Biology exam. The study determined that there was a significant difference in the performance on the exam with a higher percent of the participants, who had eaten breakfast passing the exam. The study found that only 65. 6 percent of the students participating in the study had eaten breakfast. This finding supports the results of several other studies that people of college age show an increase in the percent skipping breakfast over individual of a younger age.(Kleinman. 1998) This study contributes to the body noesis of health and school psychology. Every bit of the data that gain will helps further our understanding of the influence of breakfast. The more information collected through res earch, the more specific and representative the results. In future, there will probably be much more detailed knowledge of this topic. Researchers will hopefully go further to test whether eating breakfast can have even more of a relation to behavior on people live besides just in school performance. (Phillips. 2005) Conclusion.Although this study is not yet establish it may suggest a trend in colleges in general. In an unreferenced studies have provided sample endorse that school students behavior and performance levels are change by eating breakfast. Still other research has investigated the level of concentration in class is affecting performance of college students. The implication of this study is that eating breakfast is important to students that are learning in everyday to achieve a high score in academic purposes and have a healthy living. Acknowledgement The success of this study required the help of unlike individuals.The researchers would like to give our gratitude to the following people for their help and support. Without them, the researchers might not meet their objectives in doing this study. To our parents, for adult the support and encouragement to pursue our study. For grown us love and patience. To our classmates Angelica Rentero and Grace Anne Salvio, for giving us door to thepsychologysophomore students of Centro Escolar University Makati. To our dearest professor Mrs. Angelina Villanueva, for helping us to have a good and better title for our work and for guiding us always.To our friends students, for giving their little time to help us for our survey. And lastly, to all the people who helped and contributed slap-up ideas and advices, especially classmates and close friends for without them, this study would not be possible. Recommendation Eating breakfast can affect the behavior and performance of students in morning class. The critique, suggestions, and recommendations offered in the preceding content, therefore, are intended to improve the capabilities of the study to clear out the important mandate of the Eating Breakfast in congeneric to Classroom Behavior of Sophomore Psychology Students.This journal research highlights the boards key conclusions and recommendations resulting from its review organized by parts. Literature Cited Kleinman, R. (1998 March). raw(a) Harvard research shows school breakfast program may improve childrens behavior and performance.KidSource Online. Available at http//www. kidsource. com/kidsource/content4/breakfast. html Phillips, Gregory W. , Does Eating Breakfast extend to the Performance of College Students on Biology Exams? , Bioscene Journal of College Biology Teaching, v30 n4 p15-19 Dec 2005. 5 pp.

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Analysis of the Warehouse Automation Failure at Sainsbury’s

AbstractAll organizational departments make up a collective role in ensuring that the mean goals and targets argon achieved. It is racy that they work together because the whole is greater than the sum of the parts. Because of the connection that exists amongst contrasting departments, also-ran in unmatched department may reserve a detrimental effect to the entire organization. In this regard, this report addresses the case of store failure at Sainsburys. It provides an in-depth discussion of the failure and utilizes gatekeepers time value chain abridgment model to explore how failures in primary feather and sustenance activities from the model index befool contributed to this.IntroductionOne of the responsibilities of managers is ensuring that all components or departments within the organization work effectively. This is because success in organization is parasitic on the contributions do by different departments. There have been several(prenominal) cases where fa ilure in a single department has adversely touched all operations of the ac familiarity. This paper seeks to address this anxiety issue by focusing on the failures that occurred in the warehouse mechanisation strategy at Sainsburys in 2004 (Double eyehole, 2013). It is based on the view that there are many operational failures or disasters occur due to managers lack of intellect about the whole organization. This leads to problems in the synchronization of different organizational functions.An Overview of SainsburysSainsburys is one of the largest supermarket chains in the United Kingdom, with a veritable market share of 17.7%. Apart from running the supermarket business, the brand also deals in the banking and property industries. Since it was founded in 1869, the bon ton has undergone a phenomenal growth. Currently, it runs more than 1,106 thingamabob stores and supermarkets, and has more than 150,000 employees. The fraternity operates both as a wholesaler and as a retail er (Sainsburys, 2014). It has stores that comprise of supermarkets, convenience stores, and pharmacies. In the supermarkets category, the conjunction runs Sainsburys cafe and Sainsburys fuel. It also has an online business referred to as Sainsburys online, and comprises of Sainsburys Energy, Entertainment, Compare and Save, and Sainsburys gift cards. There are also banking and peregrine businesses that are run by the company. Even with this level of success that the company presently enjoys, it has also undergone a number of challenges, some of which have lead to heavy passing playes. Key among these was the warehouse dispatch failure in 2004 (OBrien, 2004).warehouse mechanisation failure at SainsburysThe warehouse automation devise commenced in 2000 and had originally been meant to improve the efficiency of the companys write out chain. The drop was under the business transformation programme, whose key figureks were electronic Point Sale (EPOS), supply chain direction, and outsourcing of its IT assures to Accenture. The warehouse automation project was intended to overhaul and improve supply chain forethought of the company. The company had originally intended to make installations of automated fulfillment dodges in one of its distribution centres, Waltham Point in Essex. This is the companys biggest depot, and distributes stock some London and southeast England. By implementation of a barcode based fulfilment system though this project, it was projected that it could make the companys entrepot operations more streamlined and efficient (Double Loop, 2013).Three eld into the tack together of the business transformation programme, the chief executive officer who had launched the project reported that it was on the redress track, and had saved the whole organization a total amount of ?700 million. However, it was posterior realized that automation system had developed technical issues, in general errors in reading barcodes. Not only did t his failure affect the companys operations, it also caused contractual rows between Sainsburys and Accenture, financial losses and unwarranted attention from media. With reference to OBrien (2004), implementation of this project take to a pre-tax loss of ?39 million in the first half of 2004, the mop that the company had ever recorded in its 139 years of operation. This also made the company lose ground to its competitors in the market, which included Asda and Tesco (Double Loop, 2013).Causes of the failureThis failure stinker be attributed to several trouble issues in the company. One of these was the situation on which IT projects, which were to facilitate the automation project, were outsourced to another company (Abdullah &038 Verner, 2012). Even though the company being outsourced to might have had a good reputation in implementing such projects, the lack of involvement by parent company managers in the monitoring and evaluation of the project jackpot affect the attainme nt of the intended objective (Alexander &038 Walker, 2013). The minimal involvement by Sainsburys management in this project explains why it took three years and a change in leadership to realize that the project was not likely to attain its dress up objectives (Alexander &038 Walker, 2013).Another accomplishable cause, which has also been identified by Double Loop (2013) is that there was insufficient engagement between the companys CEO and its IT suppliers in projecting the possible key business and IT ventures. For this reason, no saving strategy that could tackle these challenges was promptly designed (Chermack, 2011). This can also be considered as the lack of sufficient preparations by the then CEO (Sir slam Davis) before the initiation of the project. Insufficient preparation exposes projects to the risk of possible failure and over-expenditure (Kardes et al., 2013).There was also a communication problem, which can be mainly blamed on Sir Peter Davis. Whereas it must hav e been known to him that the project could probably fail to serve its intended objective, his presentation about the project to the public was that its progress was as planned and that by 2003, it had saved the company ?700 million. Had the issues been frankly and promptly pointed out, necessary measures could have been under repeln to avert the heavy loss that was later incurred (Aula &038 Siira, 2010). Given that this failure was associated with the warehouse automation exercise at Sainsburys warehouse automation project, it is also worth noting that the failure might have been partly caused by automation challenges. The detail that automated system failed to operate as it was intended to, indicates that all the inputs in harm of time, money and resources were lost (Kardes et al., 2013).Porters Value chain Analysis of the distressPorters value chain model can be used to identify the primary and supporting activities which contributed to the failure at Sainsburys According to Po rter (1985), generic value added activities can be change integrity into two. These are primary activities and support activities. Primary activities comprise of inbound and outbound logistics, sales and marketing, services and operations. Supporting activities, on the other hand, comprise of business firm infrastructure, senior management roles, internal culture, procurement, outsourcing and technological developments. The model is represented in the diagram below, in which the functions that contributed to the failure at Sainsburys have been marked.Fig. 1 Sainsburys value chain components that contributed to the failure in warehouse automationThe functions marked in the value chain model above have been identified as the contributors towards the identified failure. They are explained in more degree belowOutbound logistics in the value chain, outbound logistics are referred to as activities that mainly relate to transference of goods to customers through warehousing. The autom ation of the warehouse at Sainsburys was being done so as to facilitate this primary activity in the organization. The failure of the warehouse automation to effectively take place thus affected the activities in outbound logistics (Zott et al., 2011).Senior management Roles There was a failure by the senior management, led by the companys CEO to effectively make an exhaustive plan of the warehouse automation project, which could have identified the potential risks and contributed to the formulation of possible strategies to overcome these challenges (Kardes et al., 2013). Another failure by the management was in terms of their involvement in the implementation of the project, only to identify issues three years after implementation of the project (Double Loop, 2013).Internal Communications This function refers to how effectively and accurately information is passed within the organizational precinct (Wright, 2012). The failure was due to the miscommunication by the CEO, where he pu rported that the project was on the right track and had in fact saved the company a reasonable amount of money. This shows that he was either being given the wrong information by the contractor company or he was presenting wrong information about the project.Technology developments It has to be acknowledged that the companys agenda was to improve its service actors line to its customers through technological innovation. However, given that the entire automation project failed to materialize, it can be argued that there was a technological development failure. According to Porters (1985) model, technological development comprises of all activities that relate to the processing and management of information. It also involves the activities undertaken in ensuring that the organization keeps up with the latest technological changes.Outsourcing The IT automation project was undertaken by Accenture, an outsourced IT company, which failed to deliver the intended automation results, and u ltimately led to the cancellation of the contract (Double Loop, 2013).ConclusionThis paper has presented a case of warehouse automation failure at Sainsburys in 2004. With the help of the Porters value chain model, several primary and supporting activities that might have contributed to the failure have been identified. The identified primary activities are inbound logistics and outbound logistics. Supporting activities are outsourcing, technology developments, internal communications and senior management roles. The fact that all these activities affected and were also affected by the warehouse automation failure at Sainsburys proves that many operational failures or disasters that occur because there is lack of understanding of the whole organization, resulting in problems in the synchronization of different organizational functions.ReferencesAlexander, A. &038 Walker, H., 2013. Sustainable supply chain management towards a systems theory perspective. Dublin EUROMA conference.Doub le Loop, 2013. Sainsburys Warehouse mechanization Project. Online for sale athttp// Accessed 6 March 2014.Kardes, I., Ozturk, A., Cavusgil, S.T. &038 Cavusgil, E., 2013. Managing global megaprojects Complexity and risk management. International Business Review, 22(6), pp.905-17.OBrien, L., 2004. Digital disaster. Online Available athttp// Accessed 6 March 2014.Porter, M., 1985. Competitive Advantage. New York Free Press.Sainsburys, 2014. About us. Online Available at http// Accessed 6 March 2014.Zott, C., Amit, R. &038 Massa, L., 2011. The business model recent developments and succeeding(a) research. Journal of Management , 37(4), pp.1019-42.Abdullah, L.M. &038 Verner, J.M., 2012. Analysis and application of an outsourcing risk framework. Journal of Systems and Software, 85(8), pp.1930-52.Aula, P. &038 Siira, K., 2010. orga nisational Communication and Conflict Management Systems A Social Complexity Approach. Nordicom Review, 31, pp.125-41.Chermack, T.J., 2011. Scenario intend in Organizations. California Berrett-Koehler.Wright, M., 2012. Gower Handbook of Internal Communication. Burlington Gower Publishing.

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Learning to Read and Write Summary Essay

In Learning to Read an excerpt from his autobiography, Frederick Douglass writes about the stairs he took to learn to tape and write. He shows all the beats in this excerpt. He was a slave in a house he didnt have any fortune to go to school or get any educations but the mistress in the house helped him and taught him the alphabet. scarce then Douglasss master asked his wife to stop teaching him. She listened to her husband and turns into inhuman, an evil woman, Douglass could not recognize her any more. Douglass writes, She finally became even more tough in her opposition than her husband himself (36). She changed and she became more evil, more violent than the master. still then that didnt make Douglass stop and stand hopelessly, he effect another way to learn.He tricked a small fry from his neighborhood and makes that kid teach him how to read and it went well. After that he continued to find more way to learn, and try improving his translation. He build a restrain na med The Columbian Orator. He used every opportunity he got try to read this book and learn the manner of speaking in there. That was the final step that he took to learn to read. Some years later, after he went to a shipyard and saw and board with words, letters, and he precious to write. He move to replica the letters from the board.He didnt stop he wanted to know more about written material. He found a boy and asked him to teach him write. The boy taught him to write all the alphabet letters. Finally, the last step he took to learn to write was that he took a book and copy all the words in there and try to remember what the words looked like. That was long and not so easy time for him to learn how to read and write but it didnt stop him from his interest in reading and writing. Even though he didnt have any opportunity as a slave to have education, he became strong and found any way that could help him to learn. He keep reading and writing until he could read and write excell ently. Finally he succeeded in discipline how to write. Douglass, Frederick. Learning to Read.The Norton Mix. Ed. Elisabeth Kessler,Et. Alia. New York w.w. Norton and Company, 2011. 35-41. Print.

Review of Literature Related to Composite Materials

008.png/Research inquiryResearch QuestionsQ. How sess composite textiles transform the usage of usually use lugs in todays construct intentness?Q. How erect plan inventions change the be abundantingss of stuffs or group / junto of stuffs?Q. Can composite stuffs replace the steel concrete building over or is this attack limited to and few subdivisions of building bid suffering to mid rise buildings?PurposeTo analyze distinct stuffs being utilise in Indian building industry.To analyse these stuffs for their utility in the Indian c fluxing lime.To place disparate stuffs which ar available in food market and do-nothing be use in Indian buildings.Comp be the advantages of composite stuffs over normally use stuffs.To place the usage and handiness of composite stuffs in India.To olfactory perception into the handiness and usage of composite stuffs outside India and to look into its relevancy in the Indian context.To get down with, the really first thing which inevita bly by us to understand is what stuffs atomic number 18 soon being employ in India, how atomic number 18 they use and how atomic number 18 they obtained. Are these stuffs locally available, or significationed or unnaturally manufacture in here merely. If so, how be the stuffs use for its fabrication obtained.To get down with this lets us hold a speedy expression at the stuffs being apply soon in India.Burnt clay bricks and tiles( GUPTA, 1998 ) Brick is ane of the most normally utilise stuff in the Indian building industry. It is used in every topographic closure in India. It had been use by us from around ancient period. only when the usage it shake off decreased today as compared to that clip. The bricks are pay in India utilizing the clay this instantadays on the top dirt and invoke kilns. It is been invariably manufactured by some(prenominal) little gradu haved gameboard industries in their ain slipway. These ways were largely inefficient and resulted in pitia ble quality of bricks and higher cost of building.The revolution in it came with the debut of different stuffs along with the clay used for the brick building. The most celebrated of it is the vanish ash tree bricks or aac bricks. To call few of its advantagesSaves energy in the kilns as the fly ash already contains hints of unburnt coal which helps it in drying or baking the brick more expeditiously. Besides since the brick is burnt anyway from the interior, it takes less clip to bake.It is take fireer in weight as compared to the older bricks hence it can be casted in superger blocks straightway and can now be used for quick buildings.Its strength is more than the traditional ruddy brick and it more unvarying in form due to the mechanism used for its production.It can be used in about every sort of building due to its light weight and high strength.Rock( GUPTA, 1998 ) Rock was one of the most normally used stuff in the station Mauryan epoch and had been used till now. tho its usage and ways of execution had changed. It is present in India in big sum and in assortment of forms and colourss and textures and so forthtera Rocks are used prominently in the foundations, facings, paving, floorings, and fencing. The types of carry nowadays in India are Black granite, opposite granites, lime match, marble, sandstone, and slate and Delhi quartzite to call few. Besides stones ilk Kota rock and Jodhpur rock are used extensively in the insides and flooring. The rock is obtained by the force of quarrying. Quarrying is still done by the traditional mode merely but by utilizing the modern age tools. The rock is largely obtained from an capable cavity, and could besides be obtained by utilizing explosives. in that respect are three ways of obtaining rock, i.e. stopper and plume method, explosives, and channeling.In stopper and feather method of quarrying, drills are holed in the rock. The plumes are formed to make full the holes on one side and level on the ot her. Now these stoppers or plumes are painless driven to lodge away the rock.Explosives are used to blare murder a portion of rock to take the ball of bigger stone from the other. But this method gives us really irregular signifier of rock. These rocks ate used in the concrete as the sum.Channeling is done by dim holes 6 thousand deep I the rock and so a engine is used to drive the chisel to achieve coveted deepness.The used of rock and its lastingness are well-established facts and are known for them.Building calcium hydroxideLime has been used since 4000 BC. Lime is used in the building of edifices and roads, in lime howitzer, lime concrete, plasters, stabilized bricks, autoclaved Ca silicate bricks, fly ash sand calcium hydroxide bricks, and cellular concrete. It is produced utilizing the procedure of calcination of limestone of natural calcium hydroxide.GypsumGypsum is an of import edifice stuff. It is used to fabricate Plaster of Paris, gypsum plaster, hempen gypsum board, g ypsum blocks, acoustic tiles, etc. The usage of gypsum in India is limited to commercial and institutional edifices merely. It is non used so much in India soon than it can be used.Glass( GUPTA, 1998 ) Glass fabrication in India is enormous with both organized and unorganised sectors. The crank industry in India is super developed and reasonably cost effectual. The usage of glaze over in India is besides really high and is used largely in every edifice and with the addition in the commercial edifices like promenades and office edifices, the demand of glass increased manifolds. Glass is manufactured utilizing the silicon oxide. on that point are many types of glass like fused silicon oxide glass, alkali silicate glass, sodium change calcium hydroxide glass, lead glass, boro silicate glass, particular glass, glass fibres, optical glass, mirrors etc.Glass is besides used in edifice industry in many ways. Transparent and semitransparent glass sheets, clear or tinted, are used as W indowss and fanlights. It is besides used as an infill in the doors and the Windowss. India manufactured every type of glass viz. float, clear float, coated and low emanation, furled wired and iridescent, laminated, heat treated, tempered, heat strengthened, and spandril.Glass are used in many ways like glass tiles. These are do for the intent of glazing, wall coating, dividers, ceilings etc. They are besides used in the drape walls and swimming pools. They are used intensively in the adorn gardening besides.Mirrors are besides one of the major usage of glass in the edifice industry. They are the standard adjustment of the bathrooms, sleeping rooms, and now they are even used as an component of ornament.Glass fibres are thin and long fibres of glass which are used to fabricate different other types of stuffs. They are used to fabricate assorted building complexs in which gypsum plaster, polyester or epoxy rosin or cement is used as a binder. Glass fibres reinforced complexs are b esides available in the market and are used to fabricate pipes, armored combat vehicles, panels etc.There are fresh merchandises besides available in the market by the name of glass ceramics. They are used as panelling, ceilings, thermic insularity and fire immune stuffs. Blast furnace scorias are besides used to fabricate the glass ceramics.CeramicssCeramicss are used to fabricate healthful wares, glazed tiles, sto saucilyare, tableware, furnace linings, bricks for roof and enamel wares etc.Steel( GUPTA, 1998 ) Steel is a really widely used stuff in todays universe. And it is used widely in edifice buildings besides. The structural steel is used for edifice buildings and have an progressively of import function in traditional, medium denseness lodging. The usage of hot rolled structural steel merchandises peculiarly, has shown advantages through its built-in strength. The advantages of utilizing steel is the handiness of long column free spans and saves constructing stuffs due to low deepness of steel beams. Nowadays, new lightweight steel beams are besides available and are the cause for the new assorted inventions.Uses of steel in edificesSteel framed penurious constructions for high rise edifices.Large span level roofs utilizing steel beams.Steel concrete complex framed constructions for higher stableness.Steel trusses.Steel hemorrhoids.RCC.Prestressed steel wires.Steel wires for cement concrete.Doors, Windowss, armored combat vehicles, etc.Staircase, lifts, pipes, poles and stations, Gatess, fences, go etc.Steel is a really dependable building stuff and is besides used extensively.Cement and concrete( GUPTA, 1998 ) Cement is one of the most widely used edifice stuff and decidedly one of the most of import 1 besides. There are many assortment of cement nowadays in todays universe, but the most normally used cement is the Portland cement. Cement industry is a nucleus sector industry and forms the anchor of the substructure ripening of the state.( Anon. , n.d. ) Concrete is the most extensively used stuff in the whole universe. Today. Every edifice used concrete for building. It surpasses steel pulmonary tuberculosis of the universe. It is made by utilizing the cement along with other things like sand, sum, etc.There are many recent promotions in the concrete industries which have made really attractive options to utilize concrete as the principal(a) building stuff. But we will discourse it subsequently in item.Complexs or composite stuffs( Anon. , n.d. ) Composite stuffs are the stuffs which are made by uniting two different type of stuffs to organize a new compound of the two or more stuffs to accomplish the coveted belongingss. ( RILEM, n.d. ) Complexs are used efficaciously in each sector of building industries. ( Papanicolaou, n.d. ) There are many types of composite stuffs present in the universe like manmade and natural fibres based complexs, wood complexs and complexs form the local stuffs. The complexs from local stuffs can besides be classified as the combination stuffs in which no chemical combination occurs, but assorted stuffs are combined unitedly in specific sets to accomplish desired consequences. The other types of complexs available are bamboo and wood complexs, polymer, plastics and surface coatings, metal matrix complexs etc. to call a few.Now the overview of the stuffs used in India or present in India is done. We now need to seek for the stuffs which are non present in India but can work really good for the Indian context.BibliographyAnon. , n.d. Online Available at hypertext murder protocol // Accessed 15 July 2014 .Anon. , n.d. Online Available at hypertext deepen protocol // Accessed 15 July 2014 .GUPTA, T. , 1998. Constructing stuffs in India 50 old ages by GUPTA, TN. In T. Gupta, erectile dysfunctio n.Constructing stuffs in India 50 old ages.Delhi Building Material and engineering science Promotion Council, p. 536.Papanicolaou, S. P. a. G. ed. , n.d. Engineering Applications of New Composites by S.A. Paipetis and G.C. Papanicolaou. In s.l. s.n.RILEM, n.d.Uniting Materials Design, Production and Properties by RILEM.s.l. RILEM.

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Financial Accounting Standards Board Essay

Charging off equipment that greet less than $20 would be an example of the application of a. dismissal concern b. make up c. matching d. corporality e. fruition autonomic nervous systemD 2. The passing concern assumption a. is relevant to all financial statements b. primarily involves menstruationic income measurement c. allows for the statements to be disposed(p) under generally pass judgment be principles d. requires that accounting procedures be the same(p) from period to period e. no(prenominal) of the answers are compriseUnderstating assets and revenues is justified base on a. fruition assumption b. matching c. consistency d. realization e. none of the answers are correct autonomic nervous systemE 4. The assumption that enables us to draw periodic statements between the duration that a argument commences operations and the sentence it goes out of patronage is a. time period b. business entity c. historical cost d. transaction e. none of the answers are correct autonomic nervous systemA 5. Valuing assets at their liquidation values is not consistent with a. conservatism b. materiality c. going concern d. time period . none of the answers are correct autonomic nervous systemC 6. The business being separate and distinct from the owners is an integral carve up of the a. time period assumption b. going concern assumption c. business entity assumption d. realization assumption e. none of the answers are correct autonomic nervous systemC 7.The principle that assumes the reader of the financial statements is not interested in the liquidation values is a. conservatism b. matching c. time period d. realization e. none of the answers are correct autonomic nervous systemE 8. An accounting period that ends when operations are at a low ebb is a. a calendar year b. a fiscal year c. the natural business year d. an operating year e. none of the answers are correct ANSC 9. The accounting principle that assumes that inflation will not train place or wil l be immaterial is a. monetary unit of measurement b. historical cost c. realization d. going concern e. none of the answers are correct ANSA 10. Valuing inventory at the lower of cost or market is an application of the a. time period assumption b. realization principle c. going concern principle d. conservatism principle e. none of the answers are correct ANSD 11.The realization principle leads accountants to commonly signalise revenue at a. the end of production b. during production c. the communicate of cash d. the point of exchange e. none of the answers are correct ANSD 12. The comment that items that are not material may be recorded in the financial statements in the most economical and advantageous manner possible is representative of a. matching b. conservatism c. realization d. materiality e. none of the answers are correct ANSD 13. The assumption that deals with when to recognize the costs that are associated with the revenue that is being recognized is a. matching b . going concern c. consistency d. materiality e. none of the answers are correct ANSA 14. The most significant current source of generally accepted accounting principles is the a. New York Stock metamorphose b. method of accounting Principles senesce c. news report Research Studies d. AICPA committee on accountancy cognitive process e. Financial accounting Standards Board ANSE 15. All but one of the pursuit statements indicates a difference between the Financial Accounting Standards Board (FASB) and prior(prenominal) approaches. Select the one that is not a difference. a. The FASB is independent of the AICPA. b. The size of the bestride is much smaller. c. The FASB has broader representation. d. The FASB is the primary board for the development of generally accepted accounting principles. e. Members of the FASB serve on a full-time basis. ANSD 16. The Accounting Principles Board issued Opinions between a. 1959-1973 b. 1939-1959 c. 1973-present d. 1966-1976 e. none of the answers are correct ANSA 17. The Financial Accounting Standards Board has issued statements between a. 1960-1973 b. 1939-1959 c. 1973-present d. 1966-1976 e. none of the answers are correct ANSC 18. Accountants face a problem of when to recognize revenue. Which of the next methods of recognizing revenue is not used in practice? a. point of sale b. point of order acceptance c. end of production d. receipt of cash e. revenue recognized during production ANSB 19.The organization that has by federal law the responsibility to adopt auditing standards is the a. New York Stock Exchange b. Public Company Accounting Oversight Board c. Accounting Principles Board d. Financial Accounting Standards Board . AICPA commissioning on Accounting Procedure ANSB 20. By law, the setting of accounting standards is the responsibility of the a. AICPA Committee on Accounting Procedure b. New York Stock Exchange c. Accounting Principles Board d. Securities and Exchange Commission e. Financial Accountin g Standards Board ANSD 21. The assumption that allows accountants to accept some inaccuracy, because of incomplete information around the future, in exchange for more timely reporting is a. conservatism b. time period c. business entity d. materiality e. realization ANSB 22.

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Automobile Industry in Oman

No. 8 24 January 2012 world-wide FLOWS OF FOREIGN directly INVESTMENT EXCEEDING PRE-CRISIS LEVELS IN 2011, DESPITE TURMOIL IN THE GLOBAL ECONOMY HIGHLIGHTS Despite turmoil in the world(a) economy, global orthogonal direct investment funds (FDI) inflows rose by 17 per centimeime in 2011, to US$1. 5 trillion, surpassing their pre-crisis median(a), based on UNCTAD estimates (figure 1). Figure 1. world(a) FDI flows, average 2005 2007 and 2007 to 2011 (Billions of US dollars) 1 969 1 744 1 480 1 472 1 180 1 290 1 509 740 0 pre-crisis average 2005-2007 2007 2008 2009 2010* 2011** origination UNCTAD. * Revised. * prelude estimates. FDI inflows subjoind in all major economic groupings highly-developed, development and transit economies Developing and change economies continue to account for half(prenominal)(a) of global FDI in 2011 as their inflows reached a new record high, at an estimated US$755 meg, operate mainly by robust greenfield investments. In this group, the 20 11 ontogenesis in FDI flows was no longer control by S out(a)h, East and south-east Asia (which sawing machine an increase of 11 per cent), but rather by Latin America and the Caribbean (increase of 35 per cent) and by transformation economies (31 per cent).Africa, the component piece with the most least developed countries (LDCs), move its pass up in FDI inflows. FDI flows to developed countries withal rose by 18 per cent, but the growth was largely collect to cross-border merger and acquisitions (M&038As), not the much-needed investment in productive assets through greenfield investment projects. Moreover, part of the M&038A deals appear to be compulsive by corporate restructurings and a concentrate on core activities, especially in Europe. Looking forward, UNCTAD estimates that FDI flows impart drum moderately in 2012, to just about US$1. trillion. However, the downward every run write out in FDI projects over the final the skinny of 2011 indicates that the ris ks and uncertainties for further FDI growth in 2012 run in place. Global FDI flows rose in 2011, surpassing their pre-crisis take Global FDI inflows rose in 2011 by 17 per cent comp bed with 2010, in spite of the economic and monetary crisis. The produce of FDI was widespread, including all terzetto major groups of economies developed, developing and transition though the reasons for this increase differed across the globe (see below).During 2011, many countries go on to implement policy changes aimed at further liberalizing and facilitating FDI entry and operations, but overly introduced new measures regulating FDI (see UNCTADs Investment Policy Monitor). UNCTADs global FDI after partly index remained steady during 2011, underscoring the increased stability of flows witnessed during the course of instruction. Unlike foreign portfolio flows that render dramatically started to decline in the third keister of 2011, FDI flows maintained their upward(a) trends at least unti l this period (figure 2).However, as preliminary info from cross-border M and greenfield investment projects suggest, FDI flows are expected to slow down in the poop quarter of 2011. Figure 2. UNCTADs global FDI quarterly index compared with global foreign portfolio investment index , first quarter 2007 to finish quarter 2011 (Base degree Celsius quarterly average of 2005) 350 ccc 250 200 FDI 150 100 Foreign portfolio investment 50 0 Q1 50 Q2 Q3 Q4 Q1 Q2 Q3 Q4 Q1 Q2 Q3 Q4 Q1 Q2 Q3 Q4 Q1 Q2 Q3 Q4 2007 2008 2009 2010 2011 100 Source UNCTAD. Notes The Global FDI Quarterly Index is based on quarterly data of FDI inflows for 67 countries.The index has been calibrated so that the average of quarterly flows in 2005 is equivalent to 100. The similar index for global foreign portfolio investment is also based on quarterly data of portfolio investment inflows for the same 67 countries. This index has also been calibrated so that the average of quarterly flows in 2005 is equivalent to 10 0. Figures for the last quarter of 2011 are UNCTAD estimates. After ternary historic period of consecutive decline, FDI flows to developed countries grew robustly in 2011, reaching an estimate US$753 one thousand million, 18 per cent up from 2010.While FDI flows to Europe increased by 23 per cent, flows to the get together States declined by 8 per cent (annex 1). These trends stand in unsheathed contrast with the previous year, which saw a strong retrieval in the united States and a continuing decline in Europe. Large-scale swings (from abridgement in 2010 to expansion in 2011 or vice versa) were also detect for a number of major FDI recipients, including Denmark, Germany, Italy, Sweden and the join realm. Ireland witnessed a large increase in FDI flows due entirely to uprightness and debt movements in the monetary sector.The tog up in FDI in developed economies, mainly in European countries, was driven by crossborder M which in most cases appear to be driven by corpor ate restructuring, stabilization and rationalization of their operations, improving their capital use and reducing the costs. Rising crossborder M in developed countries were partly due to the sale of non-core assets (e. g. Carrefour SA of France completed the spin-off of its Distribuidora Internacional de Alimentacion in Spain for US$3. billion), and targeted opportunist deals due to the lower currency values and fire sales caused by lower prices of stock exchange merchandises. However, these general trends were not shared evenly by all developed countries. For example, FDI in Greece and Germany was down, but up in Italy and France. The differences also manifested themselves among different FDI components (figure 3). In the majority of developed countries, the share of equity investment declined to less than 40 per cent reinvested earnings accounted for almost half of FDI flows opus other capital flows (primarily intra-company loans) increased.In Europe alone, these debt flows swung from -(minus) US$25 billion in the first three quarters of 2010 to +US$36 billion in the same period in 2011, reflecting parent firms responses to the financial difficulties set about by their European affiliates. Figure 3. FDI inflows by components for 27 selected developed countries, average 20052007 and 20072011 (Percentage) 100 80 60 40 20 0 sightly 2005-2007 2007 2008 2009 2010 2011 Q1-Q3 Equity flows Reinvested earnings Other capital flows Source UNCTAD.Notes Selected developed countries include here Australia, Austria, Belgium, Bulgaria, Canada, Czech Republic, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, Germany, Hungary, Ireland, Israel, Japan, Latvia, Lithuania, Malta, the terminateherlands, New Zealand, Norway, Portugal, Slovakia, Slovenia, Sweden, Switzerland, the coupled realm and the united States. data for 2011 cover the first three quarters only. Developing and transition economies go on to absorb half of global FDI inflows in 2011, though with a passably smaller share than in the previous year.FDI flows to developing Asia (excluding West Asia) the whizz driver of the dynamic skip of developing and transition economies decelerated as the region suffered from the protracted crisis in Europe. On the other hand, Latin America and the transition economies saw a significant rise in inflows, though not enough to increase the share of all developing countries and transition economies in global flows. FDI flows to developing Asia (excluding West Asia) rose 11 per cent in 2011, despite a slowing down in the latter part of the year.By subregion, East Asia, South-East Asia and South Asia received inflows of around US$209 billion, US$92 billion and US$43 billion, respectively. With a 16 per cent increase, South-East Asia continued to outperform East Asia in growth of FDI, while South Asia saw its inflows rise by one -third after a slide in 2010. The good performance of South-East Asia, which encompasses the Association of southeastern fall in States Asian Nations (ASEAN) as a whole, was driven by sharp increases of FDI inflows in a number of countries, including Indonesia, Malaysia and Thailand.FDI to China rose by 8 per cent to an estimated US$124 billion (US$116 billion in the non-financial sector) as a aftermath of increasing flows to non-financial services, though FDI growth in the country slowed down in the last ii months of 2011. FDI to Latin America and the Caribbean rose an estimated 35 per cent in 2011, to US$216 billion, despite a 31 per cent assoil of the regions cross-border M&038A sales. Most of the FDI growth occurred in Brazil, Colombia and offshore financial centres.Foreign investors continue to find appeal in South Americas endowment of intrinsic resources, and they are increasingly attracted by the regions expanding consumer markets. Particularly attractive are Brazils market size and its strategic position that brings other emerging markets such as Argentina, Chile, Colombia and Peru within easy reach. In addit ion, uncertainty in the global financial market served to boost flows to the regions offshore financial centres. The fall in FDI flows to Africa in 2009 and 2010 continued into 2011, though at a much slower rate.The recovery in flows to South Africa did not offset the significant fall in FDI flows to North Africa Egypt, Libya and Tunisia all witnessed sharp declines in FDI flows during the year. Central and East Africa undergo overall decreases in inward investment flows. West and Southern Africa, meanwhile, saw robust growth during the year. West Asia witnessed a 13 per cent decline in FDI flows to an estimated US$50 billion in 2011. turkey stood out as an move oution, with inward FDI registering a strong 45 per cent increase to US$13 billion, mainly due to a sharp rise in cross-border M&038As sales.This consolidated the countrys position as the regions wink largest FDI recipient behind Saudi Arabia, where FDI dropped by 44 per cent, to an estimated US$16 billion in 2011. Trans ition economies of South-East Europe and the Commonwealth of commutative States (CIS) experienced a strong recovery of 31 per cent in their FDI inflows in 2011. This was mainly due to a number of large cross-border deals in the Russian compact targeting the energy industry. Investors were also motivated by the continued growth of local consumer markets and by a new round of privatizations.Diverging trends in FDI modes accentuated in 2011 Cross-border M&038As rose sharply in 2011 especially mid-year as deals announced in late 2010 came to fruition (figure 4). Rising M&038A activity, especially in the form of megadeals, in developed countries and transition economies served as the major driver for this increase. The extractive industry was targeted by a number of important deals in both regions, while a sharp rise in pharmaceutical M&038As took place in developed countries. M&038As in developing economies fell slightly in value.New deal activity began to falter in the middle part of the year as the number of announcements tumbled dramatically. Completed deals, which follow announcements roughly by half a year, also started to slow down by years end. Figure 4. Value of cross-border M&038A sales and greenfield investment projects, startle quarter 2007 to last quarter 2011 (Billions of dollars) 500 450 cd 350 $ billion 300 250 200 150 100 50 0 Q1 Q2 Q3 2007 Q4 Q1 Q2 Q3 Q4 Q1 Q2 2008 M&038A value Q3 Q4 Q1 Q2 Q3 Q4 Q1 2010 Q2 Q3 Q4 2011 2009 Greenfield value Source UNCTAD.Note entropy for the last quarter of 2011 are preliminary. Greenfield investment projects, in contrast, declined in value terms for the third bully year, despite a strong performance in the first quarter (figure 4). As these projects are registered on an announcement basis, their performance largely coincides with investor popular opinion during a given period. Thus, their tumble in value terms source in the second quarter of the year was strongly linked with arise concerns about the dire ction of the global economy and events in Europe.For the year as a whole, the value of greenfield investment projects dropped 3 per cent, compared with the previous year, with nearly three quarters of this decline occurring in developed countries. Greenfield investment projects in developing and transition economies rose slightly in 2011, accounting for about two thirds of the total value of greenfield investment projects (annex 1). FDI prospects for 2012 cautiously optimistic Based on the current prospects of underlying factors, such as GDP growth and interchange holdings by transnational corporations (TNCs), UNCTAD estimates that FDI flows will rise moderately in 2012, to around US$1. trillion. However, the fragility of the world economy, with growth tempered by the debt crisis, the uncertainties border the future of the euro and rising financial market turbulence, will have an clash on FDI flows in 2012. Both cross-border M&038As and greenfield investments slipped in the last quarter of 2011. M&038A announcements continue to be weak, suggesting that equity investment part of FDI flows will slow down in 2012, especially in developed countries. All these factors indicate that the risks and uncertainties for further FDI growth in 2012 remain in place.Annex 1. FDI inflows, cross-border M&038As, and greenfield investment by region and major economy, 20102011 (Billions of US dollars) a Host region / economy 2010 reality 1 289. 7 Developed economies 635. 6 Europe 346. 8 European Union 314. 1 Austria 3. 8 Belgium 72. 0 Czech Republic 6. 8 Denmark 1. 8 Finland 6. 9 France 33. 9 Germany 46. 1 Greece 0. 4 Ireland 26. 3 Italy 9. 2 capital of Luxembourg 20. 3 Netherlands 13. 5 Poland 9. 7 Portugal 1. 5 Spain 24. 5 Sweden 1. 2 fall in demesne 51. 8 United States 228. 2 Japan 1. 3 Developing economies 583. 9 54. Africa Egypt 6. 4 Nigeria 6. 1 South Africa 1. 2 Latin America and the Caribbean 160. 8 Argentina 7. 0 Brazil 48. 4 Chile 15. 1 Colombia 6. 8 Mexico 19. 6 Peru 7. 3 368. 4 Asia and Oceania West Asia 58. 2 Turkey 9. 1 South, East and South-East Asia 308. 7 China 114. 7 Hong Kong, China 68. 9 India 24. 6 Indonesia 13. 3 Malaysia 9. 1 Singapore 38. 6 Thailand 5. 8 South-East Europe and CIS 70. 2 Russian fusion 41. 2 Source UNCTAD. a b FDI inflows b 2011 egression rate (%) 1 508. 6 17. 0 753. 2 18. 5 425. 7 22. 8 414. 4 31. 9 17. 9 366. 3 41. 1 -42. 5. 0 -25. 9 17. 8 .. 0. 5 -92. 2 40. 0 18. 1 32. 3 -30. 0 0. 8 .. 53. 0 101. 3 33. 1 261. 0 27. 2 33. 8 5. 3 .. 14. 2 46. 7 4. 4 203. 3 25. 0 1. 9 22. 0 .. 77. 1 49. 0 210. 7 -7. 7 1. 3 .. 663. 7 13. 7 54. 4 -0. 7 0. 5 -92. 2 6. 8 12. 0 4. 5 269. 2 216. 4 6. 3 65. 5 17. 6 14. 4 17. 9 7. 9 392. 9 50. 4 13. 2 343. 7 124. 0 78. 4 34. 0 19. 7 11. 6 41. 0 7. 7 91. 7 50. 8 34. 6 -10. 0 35. 3 16. 4 113. 4 -8. 8 7. 4 6. 7 -13. 4 45. 1 11. 4 8. 1 13. 8 37. 9 48. 2 27. 6 6. 1 33. 1 30. 6 23. 4 Net cross-border M&038As 2010 2011 Growth rate (%) 338. 8 507. 49. 7 251. 7 396. 3 57. 4 123. 4 191. 2 55. 0 113. 5 162. 8 43. 3 0. 4 6. 9 1 505. 6 9. 4 3. 9 58. 3 0. 5 0. 7 258. 4 1. 4 7. 7 431. 4 0. 3 1. 0 200. 6 3. 8 23. 6 524. 6 10. 9 12. 8 17. 2 1. 2 1. 2 201. 7 2. 1 2. 2 2. 5 6. 8 13. 4 98. 8 2. 1 9. 4 350. 9 4. 0 9. 4 134. 9 1. 0 10. 1 868. 3 2. 2 0. 9 58. 8 8. 7 17. 3 99. 1 1. 4 4. 4 203. 2 58. 3 34. 9 40. 1 80. 3 129. 7 61. 6 6. 7 5. 1 23. 9 82. 8 78. 8 4. 8 7. 6 6. 3 17. 1 0. 2 0. 6 198. 9 0. 3 0. 5 82. 2 3. 9 4. 4 10. 6 29. 5 3. 5 8. 9 1. 6 1. 6 8. 0 0. 7 45. 7 4. 6 2. 1 32. 1 6. 12. 0 5. 5 1. 7 3. 4 4. 6 0. 5 4. 3 2. 9 20. 3 0. 2 15. 1 0. 6 0. 9 1. 2 0. 5 52. 3 9. 5 7. 2 42. 7 9. 0 1. 0 12. 5 6. 5 4. 5 4. 5 0. 6 32. 2 29. 0 31. 3 107. 1 70. 5 65. 0 44. 5 84. 6 28. 8 14. 3 105. 8 251. 9 33. 2 50. 8 91. 5 125. 2 287. 8 31. 3 2. 1 24. 7 644. 5 895. 9 c Greenfield investments 2010 2011 Growth rate (%) 807. 0 780. 4 3. 3 263. 5 229. 9 12. 7 148. 9 145. 2 2. 5 143. 1 142. 2 0. 7 1. 9 3. 7 94. 6 4. 6 2. 8 39. 3 5. 5 4. 2 23. 7 0. 3 0. 5 53. 1 1. 5 1. 6 7. 0 8. 5 7. 3 13. 8 13. 7 13. 6 1. 2 1. 2. 0 95. 8 4. 4 5. 9 32. 6 10. 1 4. 8 52. 2 0. 4 0. 2 43. 4 9. 8 4. 3 55. 8 10. 0 9. 1 8. 9 2. 6 1. 0 61. 7 14. 8 9. 1 38. 6 1. 8 2. 3 27. 1 23. 6 31. 1 32. 2 57. 1 51. 3 10. 2 4. 5 4. 2 8. 0 491. 6 498. 1 1. 3 84. 1 76. 6 8. 9 13. 8 6. 1 55. 7 12. 5 4. 0 67. 7 5. 9 9. 1 55. 0 118. 2 7. 1 43. 2 8. 1 8. 8 14. 5 11. 6 289. 3 52. 0 9. 1 236. 2 84. 6 5. 0 45. 4 11. 7 12. 8 13. 6 7. 7 51. 8 33. 4 126. 9 11. 6 59. 7 11. 6 7. 7 15. 8 3. 8 294. 7 60. 2 6. 6 231. 4 81. 9 3. 9 51. 5 22. 2 10. 7 16. 6 3. 1 52. 3 19. 5 7. 3 62. 8 38. 2 43. 12. 9 9. 1 67. 0 1. 8 15. 7 27. 9 2. 1 3. 2 21. 4 13. 6 90. 7 15. 7 22. 3 59. 7 0. 9 41. 4 Revised. Preliminary estimates by UNCTAD. c Net cross-border M&038As are sales of companies in the host economy to foreign TNCs excluding sales of foreign affiliates in the host economy. Note World FDI inflows are projected on the basis of 153 economies for which data are functional for part of 2011 or fu ll year estimate, as of 19 January 2012. Data are estimated by annualizing their available data, in most cases the first three quarters of 2011.The proportion of inflows to these economies in total inflows to their respective region or subregion in 2010 is used to extrapolate the 2011 regional data. Annex 2. Cross-border M&038A deals with a value of over US$3 billion in 2011 Value (US$ million) 25 056 7 057 6 041 5 629 4 948 4 800 4 750 4 546 3 895 3 832 3 800 3 800 3 549 Acquired company Industry of the acquired company Host economy Ultimate getting company Ultimate acquiring nation France Australia Australia Spain Norway United States Australia Germany Switzerland Spain United States United States United StatesGDF Suez Energy AXA Asia Pacific Holdings Ltd AXA Asia Pacific Holdings Ltd Bank Zachodni WBK SA Vale SA AIG leash Life Insurance Co Ltd Chesapeake Energy bay window. Porsche Holding GmbH Baldor Electric Co Turkiye Garanti Bankasi AS Universal Studios Holding III potbelly OAO Vimm-Bill-Dann Produkty Pitaniya EMI mathematical group PLCFirst quarter Natural muck up transmission Belgium Life damages Australia Life insurance Australia Banks Poland Iron ores Brazil Life insurance Japan Crude vegetable oil and native United States gas Automobiles and other motor Austria vehicles Motors and generators United States Banks Turkey Television broadcasting United States stations bland milk Russian Federation GDF Suez SA AMP Ltd AMP Ltd Banco Santander SA Norsk Hydro ASA Prudential Financial Inc BHP Billiton Ltd Porsche Automobil Holding SE ABB Ltd BBVA GE PepsiCo Inc CitiGroup IncServices allied to motion United Kingdom picture achievement Second quarter resound communications, except radiotelephone Biological products, except diagnostic substances Land subdividers and developers, except cemeteries Offices of bank holding companies Copper ores bore oil and gas wells Food preparations Electric services face-to-face credit institutions Radiotelephone co mmunications Italy United States United States United States Australia United States Denmark United Kingdom United States Brazil Brazil Canada Russian Federation Australia United States United States United States Sweden United States BrazilWeather Investments Srl 22 382 21 230 Genzyme pot Centro Properties Group 9 400 7 800 7 359 7 306 7 206 6 505 6 300 5 524 4 925 4 356 4 000 3 908 3 842 3 560 3 500 3 400 3 117 3 070 Morgan Stanley Equinox Minerals Ltd Pride International Inc Danisco A/S Central Networks PLC Chrysler Financial tummy Vivo Participacoes SA VimpelCom Ltd Sanofi-Aventis SA Blackstone Group LP Mitsubishi UFJ Finl Grp Inc Barrick Gold Corp Ensco PLC DuPont PPL Corp Toronto-Dominion BankTelefonica SA Cosan Ltd Cliffs Natural Resources Inc Total SA Rio Tinto PLC Unilever PLC Grifols SA Investor Group Investor Group Ventas Inc Sinochem Group Takeda Pharmaceutical Co Ltd BHP Billiton Ltd BP PLC Polyus Zoloto IPIC Rolls-Royce Group plc Solvay SA Bank of Montreal Investor G roup Thermo Fisher Scientific Inc GE Shareholders Investor Group SABMiller PLC Microsoft Corp Metelem Holding Ltd Teva Pharmaceutical Industries Polymetal International Plc Mitsubishi Corp Chiron Holdings Inc Peabody Energy Corp Volcan Investments Ltd Liberty Global Inc UCL Holding BV Hutchison Whampoa Ltd Grupo Sura China Investment Corp Level 3 Communications Inc Netherlands France United States Japan Canada United Kingdom United States United States Canada Spain Brazil United States France United Kingdom United Kingdom Spain Singapore United States United States ChinaShell International Petroleum Co Industrial organic chemicals Ltd Consolidated Thompson Iron Iron ores Mines Ltd Crude crude and natural OAO Novatek gas Bituminous coal and lignite Riversdale Mining Ltd push through mining Perfumes, cosmetics, and Alberto-Culver Co other toilet preparations Talecris Biotherapeutics Pharmaceutical preparations Holdings Corp Frac tech Holdings LLC Oil and gas field services Securita s Direct AB shelter systems services Atria Senior Living Group Inc. Peregrino Project,Campos Basin Nycomed International circumspection GmbH Petrohawk Energy Corp Reliance Industries Ltd OAO Polyus Zoloto Cia Espanola de Petroleos SA CEPSA Tognum AG Rhodia SA Marshall &038 Ilsley Corp.Parmalat SpA Phadia AB Converteam Group SAS Distribuidora Internacional de Alimentacion SADia SPIE SA Fosters Group Ltd Skype Global Sarl Polkomtel SA Cephalon Inc OAO Polimetall Anglo American Sur SA Kinetic Concepts Inc Macarthur char Ltd Cairn India Ltd Musketeer GmbH OAO Pervaya Gruzovaya Kompaniya Northumbrian Water Group PLC ING Groep NV GDF Suez SA Global Crossing Ltd Skilled nursing care facilities Crude oil color and natural gas Third quarter Pharmaceutical preparations Crude petroleum and natural gas Crude petroleum and natural gas Gold ores Crude petroleum and natural gas Internal combustion engines Manmade organic fibers, except cellulosic National commercial banks Fluid milk Surgical and edical instruments and apparatus Motors and generators Grocery stores 13 683 11 776 9 000 6 256 4 964 4 723 4 640 4 095 3 599 3 540 3 200 3 140 3 033 10 793 8 500 6 611 6 311 5 499 5 390 5 139 4 949 4 542 4 495 4 223 3 837 3 614 3 259 Switzerland United States India Russian Federation Spain Germany France United States Italy Sweden France Spain Japan Australia United Kingdom Russian Federation United Arab Emirates United Kingdom Belgium Canada France United States United States France United States United Kingdom United States Cyprus Israel Jersey Japan United Kingdom United States United Kingdom United States Netherlands Hong Kong, China Colombia China United StatesEngineering services France Fourth quarter Malt beverages Australia Prepackaged Software Luxembourg Radiotelephone Poland communications Pharmaceutical preparations Gold ores Copper ores Surgical and health check instruments and apparatus Coal mining services Crude petroleum and natural gas Cable and other pay telev ision services United States Russian Federation Chile United States Australia India Germany Railroads, line-haul operating Russian Federation Water supply Insurance agents, brokers, and service Electric services Telephone communications, except radiotelephone United Kingdom Mexico France Bermuda 3 017 Source UNCTAD. The adjacent issue of UNCTADs Global Investment Trends Monitor will be released in mid-April 2012. The next issue of UNCTADs Investment Policy Monitor will be released in the first week of February 2012.

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“300” Compare/Contrast Essay Essay

In this essay, I am going to analyze and contrast three significant events in the film of 300. First, I pass on discuss the events leading up to the diachronic difference of opinion at Thermopylae. Then, I will compare the picture show version battles at Thermopylae with diachronic accounts. Fin in ally, I will contrast events after Thermopylae between the motion-picture show and actual history.As I recall, when I saw the movie almost(prenominal) months ago (its not available for reviewing again from Blockbuster until July 31, 2007), the most significant event before the outstanding battle was the visit of the Iranian diplomats to King Leonidas offering him and his family great wealth and position with no one and wholly(a) getting killed in a needless war, if he would lonesome(prenominal) yield to Xerxes as ruler of a new Persian-Grecian Empire. When Leonidas and his outspoken wife asked them almost the preservation of the Grecian way of life, that is, freedom and dem ocracy, the offer quickly saturnine into a threat, the threat of total destruction for Greek culture and a life of slavery for any Greek survivors. When the diplomats scolded the wife of Leonidas for interrupting their man-to-man blather with her criticisms, Leonidas became so furious that these strangers came into a kings home, insulted his queen, that he threw them downwards to their death in a large, very, very deep well.There is no historical account that this is the way it really happened. But I designate is was probably a good guess by Hollywood how negotiations may have gone except for the killings. I believe that was Hollywood overkill. It is historical fact that the S take offan muliebrity was the most highly respected, independent woman in all the Greek city-states, but diplomats do not commonly get murdered over verbal disagreements. After all, they only moderate the message. They do not make policy. If these messengers dont come endure alive, they wont be sent. They were a very important sum of communication between armies in those days. In most cases, just the posture of the Persian million-man army scared the invaded city or country into surrendering or face certain defeat from so many soldiers.The basic movie is about two opposing armies, the Persians against the Greeks (led by 300 Spartans), meeting at the pass at Thermopylae to determine whether Greece would survive as the only democracy on earth or be conquered by the great Persian Empire expanding into Europe. On the Persian side, their army had hundreds of thousands of soldiers ready to fight. On the Greek side, they only had approximately 1500 to celebrate the pass but, only when Leonidas knew for sure as shooting that he would be surrounded and that defeat was likely, he sent them all back to safety except for himself and 300 of his best Spartan warriors to defend the pass and slow down the Persian invasion while former(a) Greek armies were organism organized. I believe t hat this movie is quite sinless according to the historical events that took place during the snip of 480 B.C. However, I hypothesize some events in the movie are not accurate such as all of those mystical-looking creatures that supposedly existed back then and used in multiplication of war.This was bordering more on fantasy to make the movie more appeal to a younger audience instead of just those who follow history. The part of the movie which I think is accurate is Spartas army being very strong and disciplined. The Spartans had a good strong leader in Leonidas, constant combat training since they were children, and had superior weapons that were a part of them. The Persians, on the some other hand, had many soldiers but there weapons and lack of armor were lighter because of the long distances the Persians had to travel to get to Greece.The movie showed the Spartans to have superior arms such as longer spears to resist charges, shorter swords for quick strokes during close -in combat to lie with through Persian wicker-type shields, larger metal shields to deflect sword and pointer attacks. This is very accurate, historically. The movie also showed the Spartans to be very muscular and in top physical shape. Again, this is true because the Spartan child (if he was not abandoned in the hillside for being physically defective at birth) would be taken from his home at the age of seven to lead a very hard, military lifestyle until he was tweny-one years old, at which time he would go into the army as a fully adept soldier ready to do battle for the glory of Sparta.I think the movie was pretty much basically over after the battle of Thermopylae was done but, historically, this battle, even though it was a loss, was only the informant of the Greek victory over Persia. Once word got back to other Greek city-states, it so inspired them to unite as one Greek nation to defend their freedom and culture as the Spartans had defended it, to the death. The Athenia n navy finished off the Persian navy at the  of Salamis and destroyed the only way the Persians could have supplied their army if Persia was to hold conquered territory.Sourceshttp// The movie, by Warner Bros.

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Janmar Coating case study Essay

This case is most an organization doing business on headstone coatings food food market served by guild in the southwestern join States. The organization has some challenges on how to position marketing efforts among the various architectural paint coatings markets served in the southwestern United States.1. Janmar masking, Inc. Janmar practical application, Inc. is a privately held organization produces and markets architectural paint under Janmar mark off name. In addition to producing a full line of architectural coatings, the association sells paint sundries (brushes, rollers, thinner, etc.) under the Janmar name, even though these item be not manufactured by the company. 2. Architectural painting Industry sources estimated U. S gross revenue of architectural paint coatings and sundries (brushes, rollers, paint rem everyplaces and thinners, etc) to be 12 billion positively charged in 2004.Architectural coating are considered to be mature market with long term gross revenue growth projected in the invest of 1 to 2 per centum per year. Demand for architectural coatings and sundries and sundries reflects the level of home base redecorating, maintenance, and repair, as well as sales existing homes, and to a lesser extent new home, commercial, and industrial construction.2. 0 Identify Problem 1. contention The competition in Architectural coating member are increase. Companies pursuance growth and a higher sales base to support increasing costs are making acquisition. Major products of paint for the architectural coatings segment include Sherwin-Williams, Benjamin Moore, the Glidden unit of Imperial Chemicals, PPG Industries, Valspar Corporation, Grow group and Pratt & adenosine monophosphate Lambert. These producers account upward for 60% of sales in architectural coatings segment.They market under their own smear names and for retailers under private, controlled and store brand names. 2. Volatile Organic Compound (VOCs) U. S paint manu facturer are under growing pressure to reduce emissions volatile organic flux (VOCs) from paints and to limit the consumption of solvents. The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) has adopted a three step plan for reduction of VOCs in architectural and industrial maintenance coatings. Compliance with EPA regulations eroded historically low profit margins in paint industry.3 DFW and Non DFW Janmar Coating, Inc. market its paint and sundry item in over 50 countries in Texas, Okhlahoma, New Mexico, and Lousiana from its plant and headquarter in Dallas, Texas. The 11- rural area Dallas Fort Worth (DFW) metropolitan area is the major business and monetary center in their companys southwestern service area. harmonise to Vice president of sales we countenance added all basketball team accounts in the five years our account penetration in non DFW areas is 16% . 3. 0 Consider relevant information There are some substitutes that should be considered 1. Customer publicise ken at least 30 per centum among do-it-yourselfers.As per Vice prexy of Advertising, Ron, he believed that they must direct their efforts towards bolstering their front end in the DFW do-it-yourselfer market by at least 30 share. The awareness is well related to paint purchase behavior. Through advertising, the customers will be aware about the Janmar Coatings paint as well as they have seen it been advertised via media. However according to Mr. Burns, advertising is not a unspoiled idea since he did not sure what advertising it is because 75 pctage of the audience in DFW is not buying paint.He suggested that the cost of advertising amounted $350,000 used for advertising in non DFW areas. 2. Price justify by 20 percent of all paint products. Based on Vice President of Operations, he suggested that they must fire price by 20 percent on all their products to meet customers wants. It is because the customers are price sensitive payable to the research program. Their price is still higher than a mass merchandisers although they have advertised price-off special. But as per Mr. Burns, their sale spokesperson has forecasted that their demand for paint will not increase next year.Therefore, they send wordnot cut price this year. 3. Hire a sale representative costing $60,000 a year in non DFW areas. Vice President of Sales wants to develop a new retail account in non DFW areas after only five accounts for the last 5 years. They want to focus on non DFW areas because half(prenominal) of their sales and dealers exist in that particular area. It has been asking by Mr. Burns on what the sale representative will do, either focusing on retail account side or on recruiting the professional painter.70 percent of sale is through and through their professional painters in DFW areas, while 70 percent of sale went to do-it-yourselfers in non DFW areas. They would need 40 percent price cut to attract contractors since they have minimum number of contractor sale in DFW and other areas. 4. Maintaining their current approach. Referring to Vice President of Finance, he want to come after the current approach because they are in profitable based on contribution margin by 35 percent. The company just unavoidably to monitor their margin in control their cost well. 4. 0 recognise the best alternativeThe best alternative is sales representative, since it focuses on non DFW areas because half of their sales and dealers exist in that particular area. 5. 0 Implementation of the alternative Based on the case study, the way to implement the problem is through market targeting. There is the way of target the market which is 1. Where to compete Janmar Coating Inc. needs to specify the market segment that they want to pursue. They need to rile marketing improvement in the Dallas-Fort Worth (DFW) and Non Dallas-Fort Worth (Non-DFW) to compete with their competitors such as Sherwin-Williams, Benjamin Moore and Grow Group.They should pursue the 400 or so professio nal painting firms in DFW area and the 200 professional painters alfresco the DFW area or the do-it-yourselfer market. 2. How to compete Janmar Coating Inc. croupe compete with their vie by increasing the hiring of representative at the DFW area and non-DFW area. This strategy fundament make Janmar Coating Inc. customers feel convenience and rear end build a good relationship with them. The representative that had been hired by Janmar Coating Inc. is only eight people. Due to it, they cannot monitor each of the retail outlets all over 50 countries in Texas, Oklahoma, New Mexico, and Louisiana.By adding representative and allocate them because through the country, they can make a promotion aggressively and can get information about the buying trend of the consumer from the retailers. 3. When to compete Janmar Coating Inc. can start to make their new marketing targeting according to the seasonal or trend of the demand from the consumers. For an example, consumers will be attrac ting to purchase when in that location is a promotional allowances during seasonal festival such as Charismas festival. 6. 0 ConclusionIt can be conclude that to make a finis for the problem of where and how to deploy corporate marketing efforts among the various architectural paint coating, the company should adding amount of representative to make a promotion that can increase level of the awareness of the Janmar brand among the consumer. Due to the new strategy, the sales of the architectural paint coating will be increase and it can compete with the rival product. 7. 0 Reference A. Peterson, R. A. (2013). Strategic Management Problems Cases and Comments. Pearson Education. Kerin, R. A.

Wal-Mart and Nordstrom

Wal-Mart and Nordstrom are well known companies and established brands listed on part 500 list. Wal-Mart caters almost all needs of its customers from grocery to clothing era Nordstrom operates in fashion retainging industry. It keeps collection of much than 500 brands in its store.Wal-MartWal-Mart is the largest retail merchant in America. These discount stores became part of Americans life in 1960s. At present it is operating in 15 countries, it employs more than 1.8 zillion associates worldwide. The number of stores is nearly 6,500 stores and serves more than 176 million customers per week.The most admired retail merchant according to FORTUNE magazine has just completed one of the ruff years in its history Wal-Mart generated more than $312.4 billion in worldwide revenue in the fiscal year ended January 31, 2006, establishing a new-fangled record and an increase of 9.5 percent. The company earned almost $11.2 billion in net income in fiscal 2005.1Wal-Mart has gone by mea ns of considerable changes through the year 2003-04. Wal-Mart had increased its advertising budget by $434 million amidst 2003 and 2004.The mission of Wal-Mart has been to provide good jobs, good works, and citizens and do good investments in 2004. The vision of Wal-Mart has always been to provide customer each and every point of intersection at the lowest price. Wal-Mart focused on cost cutting by its strategy on the merchandise mix and various operations. It utilize its database for consumer and exigency analysis. This helped it to understand the demand pattern of various products and helped in inventory care to make products available when customer wanted it most.The marketing activities revolve slightly the equationPeople+ Price+ Product=Value.Companys promotional strategies are not limited to a particular source. Company has utilized all the traditional and modern channels to reach its customer with its best cracks. Wal-Mart adopts simple price promotion strategy in all its strategies. Its networksite is colored attractive and displays various products and offers in each of its web page. Wal-Mart uses billboards and signboards which are put at the public places and the places with high visibilities. The pamphlets and print materials are used for both(prenominal) in side the store promotion as well as outside the stores.NordstromIts one of the largest fashion retail stores in US. Its annual revenue is $7,722.9 million. It is ranked 8th in the general merchandiser group of risk 500 companies.Today, Nordstrom has grown from one downtown Seattle shoe store into a nationwide fashion specialty chain with renowned services, generous sizing ranges and a selection of the finest apparel, shoes and accessories for the entire family. The companys philosophy has remained unchanged for more than 100 years since its establishment by John W. Nordstrom in 1901 offer the customer the best possible service, selection, quality and value.This claims to provide bra nded frock in the best minimum prizes. It adopts various promotional strategies for the promotion of its store. These strategies include electronic medium such as internet and computers, events and programs and printed materials. Events like power clothes events, in store beauty events, sales events and many others. The web presence of the Nordstroms website is elegant. It also works as a programme for the promotional strategies.Currently $ 5 shipping campaign is going on this website. Its webpage has various attractive pictures creating interest about the products as well as self promotion of the company. It has its own e-catalogue which list all its product and accessories for the study and shopping purpose.Each of the company uses almost all kind of promotional tools to reach their target consumers and other stake holders. The use of web pages in both the cases has been different with similar objective of attracting consumer and selling. However the e-catalogue of Nordstrom and images used in the website is more urban and attractive. Wal-mart tries to attract mass and it is evident from its website presentation. Nordstrom conducts various events as one of its most important promotional strategies.ReferenceKotler, Philip, Marketing Management, Prentice-Hall Inc. newfound Jersy, 10th Edition, 2000Nankani, Economic Growth in the 1990s Learning from a Decade of Reform retrieved on 22 January 2007 from http//, Chris Target vs. Wal-Mart, Is Target weed Any Better for Workers? May 22nd, 2005 retrieved on 22 January 2007 from http// on 22 January 2007http// accessed on 22 January 2007http// accessed on 22 January 2007http// companyhist/companyhist.asp accessed on 22 January 2007 1 http//