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ANNOTATED BIBLIOGRAPHY ON FINANCE Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words

ON FINANCE - Annotated Bibliography ExampleThis article is crucial for individuals pursuing finance and those conducting research in the field of populace financing. However, it remains vital to search other sources of information on the same topic in ensnare to come up with a report backed up with adequate academic sources.DENG, M., MELUMAD, N. & SHIBANO, T. (2012). Auditors Liability, Investments, and Capital Markets A Potential Unintended Consequence of the Sarbanes-Oxley Act. journal of Accounting Research, 50(5)1179-1216.As the title suggests, the authors explore the effect of change magnitude liability of auditors on rate of audit failure, cost of great and new investment level. According to the authors, the Sarbanes-Oxley Act, 2000 let stringier regulations, which increased the liability of auditors. However, these move increased the confidence of investors as regards the trustworthiness of company financial disclosures. The authors explore market imperfection in terms o f information flow. They discuss a scenario where a firm in lemons market intends to raise capital from investors who have no information that the audit they are relying on is imperfect. The authors moot in their conclusion that audit failure is indirectly proportional to increased auditor liability and capital cost for new ventures. This resource is crucial for practicing auditors and accountants. It is also very insightful for professionals pursuing accounting and auditing locomote and conducting research. However, further research is necessary to justify the claims of the authors.Bar-Yosef, S. & Prencipe, A. (2013).The Impact of Corporate Governance and Earnings Management on Stock Market Liquidity in a Highly Concentrated Ownership Capital Market, Journal of Accounting, Auditing & Finance, 28(3)292316.In a situation with very high non-institutional ownership, the authors of this article explore how corporate governance machineries and payment management impact

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Using Humor to Survive Tragedy Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words

Using Humor to Survive Tragedy - Essay ExampleNot a single character in the play profits from propriety. The not so serious characters are the ones who derivein the end and it is because of theirfrivolousbehavior all through the play. This indicates that there is little, if any,benefitto being modest.In bill Cosbys words, when one finds laughter, they can survive some of the worst moments in life.By apply humor, one canstandup to the challenges that life brings, no payoff tragic they may be.Situations in life are always changing once one finds anintriguingway to survive adarksession, they will make it to the happy parts. In The Importance of cosmos Earnest, Oscar puts the conventions in the Victorian measure aside and presents us the absurdity of such anardentattachmentto seriousness. Theplaypresents two young men, Algernon and knave. Algernon is the attri savee of un-earnestness, and Jack is hiswardin jocularity and deceit.Marriage is of utmost significance in The Importance o f Being Earnest. This is because it is what drives theplotand is theprimarysubjectforphilosophicaldebate and speculation. Weare introducedto the nature of marriage for the first magazine when Algernon is talking to his butler, Lane. The subject of marriage stays on for the most part of theplayas it develops. Jack and Algernon talk about the important things in marriage, and what matters in it. Theytalkof it as either a matter of pleasure or business. During Victorian times, there were conventions on marriage withregardto itspurposeandnature. These embarrass such things as the social position of a person, theincomethe person had as well as the personscharacter. Algernon and jack are remarkably in the know of these assumptions, as well. Society expects them to follow these conventions, but they do not. They ridicule these customs, and, in situations where they cannot, they assume the

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Integrated marketing communication Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 2500 words

Integrated marketing communication - Essay ExampleThe major dexterity of the company is its brand name. In the recent past the brand was declared as the worlds favorite airline.The company provides wide range of services to its customers such as food services, enjoyment options including movies, TV games and music. The flight service being a global airline, offers year round low have intercourse flights along with full services on a worldwide network (Kotipalli, Strategic Management score on British Airways).British Airways affected employees strike that affected the successful operation of the company. The dispute obscure the British Airways Management and the Unite Trade Union over various issues such as on the job(p) conditions and pay. The effect of the crisis had been tremendous leading to long wait by the passengers at the airports. The airline had to retrain different airline employees in order to work as flight attendants and lease fleets from other airlines. During th e strikes the analysts expected that those would comprise the company about millions of pounds and it was further estimated that this would certainly hurt the airline brand as customers booked flights with the competitors. fit to few economists, this strike would have a negative impact upon the worlds economy (Werdigier, British Airways Strike Effect Disputed).Being the marketing communication consultant the crisis management problem call for to be solved with the aim to repair the organizational reputation, sales performance and customs. Therefore, the appropriate strategy would be to use COSTAC framework in order to increase the efficiency and revamp the original position of the company. onward making an integrated marketing plan, it is essential to understand the context of the current situation. The context analysis helps to turn up certain things and explains the reason for such happenings. Here, five contexts namely internal, external, business, stakeholders and customers would be studied in power point in order to

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Prospective Maltese Workers and Trade Union Values Literature review

Prospective Maltese Workers and handle Union Values - Literature review ExampleUntil 1964, Malta was under the colonial rule of the British Empire, and it is for this reason, that its trade trade trades union determine even after gaining independence, tend to reflect the rules and values of UK. At present, Malta has single of the worlds highest national union membership densities, though without any regional distinctions, of a unique(predicate) type. This is largely owing to the fact that the small size of the country and the associated membership base, have led roughly of the Maltese trade unions to feel that affiliations to a confederate structure, are not essential. The chief religion of the state, the popish Catholic Church, also plays a major source of inspiration for the functioning of the various trade union organisations in this country. In this context, we will first examine the trade unions in general, their values, and relevance in the new labour market scenario. 1.1 What are Trade unions, their values, and relevance in the modern industrial relations Trade union means any organisation, whose membership consists of employees, which seek to organise and represent their interest birth in the workplace and society and, in particular, seeks to regulate their employment relationship through the direct process of incarnate bargaining with management (Salaman, 1987). ... This kind of an alliance, which is based on genial partnership values, have helped in the cosmos of a new dimension in the study of industrial relationships, which has made it possible for starting social dialogues, and forging cooperative relationships between employers and unions (McLaughlin, 2007, 9). The members in the social partnerships, in spite of appearance industrial relations, define and identify their own requirements within the framework of their democratic structures and elected heads, which are based on the nature of the specific problems that they face in their country of operation. These requirements must necessarily portray the scheme, preferences, and orientations of the members, which form a part of the social partnership values. inwardly trade union values, partnership aspires to be a relationship of equals, based on mutual respect, corporate trust and understanding, where diversity and differences are recognised and accepted (ibid). A look at the Trade Union Principles within the Madrid charter (final) shows us that trade unions accept partnerships as two-way alliance which is also a learning experience for all the concerned parties. Partnership is founded on resolutions for the preservation of solidarity and inter-organisational cooperation, and is based on values that are stable and mutual, while its functional principles relate to the safeguarding of the rights of employees, and the democratic organisations that represent these employees. According to the trade union values, when these organisations have access to public or gover nment resources, they become accountable to the general public. In such(prenominal)

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Leadership Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 words - 24

leadership - Essay ExampleThe corporate executives and demarcation owners of UAE are now aware most the challenges and opportunities that are linked with the ethnic diversity of the work force. According to Taylor Cox Jr. an increase in globalization of business and combination of multi cultural hands can be a key factor in overall success of the business (Daenzer, 2009). The benefits of this diversity includes a cleanse decision making, high innovation and creativity, more ability and success in marketing to minority ethnic communities and foreign markets, and a wide spread dispersion of economic opportunity (Muna, 2011). But this multicultural work force has certain disadvantages also which includes increase in costs through increase in turnover rates, communication breakdowns and interpersonal conflict. In order to sustain out efficiency amongst the diversity in culture of workforce the leaders should be aware about how to manage and create an effective multicultural wor kforce (Connerley, 2005). Thus a look for in this theatre of operations is important to analyze the trends of the multicultural workforce in UAE and the leadership style needed to manage this cultural diversity. UAE has more than 200 nationalities working together where implementation of multicultural leadership to bring a form in working environment and even to handle multicultural customers (Edewor, 2007). This research entrust be helpful for all the leaders in organization on how to manage this multicultural workforce. The main audience of the research study will be the small business owners, and also leaders of bigger enterprises, to develop better leadership tools to handle the work force of diverse culture and convert the loop holes of multi cultural workforce into advantage for the business (Livermore, 2010).A multicultural workforce contains people coming from different cultural backgrounds and will have different way of dealing with a problem in the

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Safety Health and Occupational Hazards Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 2250 words

Safety Health and occupational Hazards - Essay ExampleWelding, a major industrial process is concerned with joining metals by development a filler material. This filler material, known as the consumable is usually a coated electrode or wire. The process of melting this and the p bent metal releases particulate experiences and driftes, majority of which is produced from the consumable. The four most normal welds are the tungsten inert ordnance (TIG), metal inert gas (MIG), metal active gas (MAG), and manual metal arc (MMA). (Pires et al, 2006)Some of these emissions are libelous in nature which can elevate hazardous on pro yened exposure. Presently, 1-2% of workers from different professional backgrounds (some 3 million persons) are subjected to welding fume and gas action (Pires, 1996). In confined spaces, welding can be deadly, as without proper ventilation, toxic fumes and gases can be much more intense, and possibly over the respective limits for toxic substances.. In the recent years, occupational health hazards have formed the locus of intense academic study and research. The harmful effects of welding fumes have also been studied in great detail. The potency of the gas emissions depends on a number of factors like the nature of electrodes employed, the type of welding, filter metals, and also the ventilation facilities in the welding area. The emissions include metal oxide particles, gases, solvents, coatings and residues. Most of these are air borne and thus are constantly inhaled by workers. Harmful Effects of different Metals Compounds The welding fumes also contain compounds of metals like hexavalent chromium, nickel, manganese, zinc etc. It is difficult to find out the respective effects of different metals as most of tem are interrelated. (Hilton & Plumridge, 1991). exactly technological advancements have made it possible to draw a rough idea about each elements effect on the human body. It has been medically proven than nickel and chromiu m cause nausea, headaches, dizziness, thirst, fever, muscle ache, chest of drawers soreness and respiratory illnesses on short terminal figure exposure. Short term usually implies 12-24 hours, and these short term effects are generic for nearly all emissions. These effects also include gastrointestinal ailments, much(prenominal) as appetite loss, vomiting, cramps, and slow digestion. Nickel and Chromium fumes can also cause struggle rashness and dermatitis. Nickel is also known to cause asthma, while chromium may cause sinusitis. The chronic, long term effects of fumes containing nickel and chromium still remain ambiguous, but there are vague indications that they top executive be carcinogenic in nature i.e. they might act as crabmeat causing agents. The National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health has declared that some forms of hexavalent chromium, nickel and their inorganic compounds be considered carcinogenic.(American Welding Society, 2003) As a matter of fact, t he long term effects of welding batch in general remain disputes. Though there are reasons to believe that prolonged exposure might lead to immunosuppression, lung cancer development,

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Fundamentals of Business Law Assignment Case Study

Fundamentals of Business Law Assignment - Case Study ExampleThis grapheme derrierenot be heard in a higher court. It can best be referred to the District Magistrates courts. And because it is a guilty wrong, Joe would presumable either be imprisoned for a given number of years or fined. He can also be punished by way of corporal punishment.This is a civil case but which relates amidst employees and employers. The case will be heard in an industrial court which is an administrative tribunal i.e. a body given the power of an administrative nature.This case involves commission of the tort of default because the employer has not taken reasonable steps to guard the machines. And in the process, it has caused injury. The judge of the industrial court can appoint two assessors from a panel of assessors appointed by the concerned minister. One assessor represents the employer and the former(a)wise represents the employees. But the assessors only give an opinion. The decision of the c ourts is final and the result of the judgement is called an award.This is a criminal offence. In fact Del has committed an economic crime by failing to pay large sums of value added tax. And since the meter of money involved is huge, the case will be heard by the High Court. If Del is of the opinion that he has not been given a fair trial, then he can appeal to the court of appeal. Del is likely to be fined i.e. pay the tax added plus penalty. Prima facie, this can appear to be a civil case. But whether the employer has perpetrated any civil wrong will depend on the agreement made between Millie and her employer. Be it as it may, she has a right to sue. This case would be heard by the industrial court. It is the industrial court that hears cases between employees and their employers. Based on the judges opinion, she might be paid as her colleagues. Question twoWhether Cules can recover compensation from Humpty or Alec the rules of law that govern this case are whether the essentia l elements of oversight can be proofed in format for an action for negligence to be maintained. In order for Giles to successfully sue and recover compensation from Humpty or Alec he must prove the following.i. That they owed him a tariff of care.ii. That Humpy and Alec breached legal duty.iii. That he Giles suffered injury as a result of the breach of duty. 2Humpy and Alec owe no duty of care to Giles. Humpty was to provide a loan to Giles and had no duty over Giles chicken business. On the other hand, Alec was only approached to give advice concerning the loan and not on whether it was appropriate to purchase the machine.In Burwill v. three-year-old a house wife was alighting from a tramcar. A motor cyclist passing on the other side of the tram collided with a motor car, the noise pf the collision resulting in the plaintiff suffering sickening shock and subsequent miscarriage. She brought an action of negligence on the motor cyclist personal representative. The action failed and it was held that at the time of the collision, the plaintiff was not there therefore he did not owe

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Media Studies Case Study Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 2500 words

Media Studies - Case Study ExampleAdvertising is persuasive and informational and is designed to puzzle out the purchasing behavior and/or thought patterns of the audience. Advertising is a marketing tool and may be used in combination with other marketing tools, such as sales promotions, personal sell tactics, or publicity (Advertising, p.1).In our everyday lives, we are surrounded by advertisements all over. It is nearly impracticable to save ourselves from one or the other kind of advertisements whether it might be the closely recent tender put forward by the local supermarket or perhaps even an advertisement on the picture even if we stop reading the newspaper, stop watching television or even stride just about with our eyes closed. As mentioned previously, the chief rationale of marketing is to advertise and sell products, but if one ponders, we go far to realize the fact that the advertisement not only sells the product to people, but it also puts forward an word-paint ing of our future which is extremely attractive and full of opportunities and advantages. For this particular essay, an advertisement will be examine with look upon to semiotic terms and techniques and discourse analysis, and discover how denotation is constructed.The methods chosen for the analysis of the advertisement are the most appropriate methods. This is because through with(predicate) the semiotics and discourse analysis, the advertisement of Chrysler 300C chosen can be best analyzed as it contains the language and signs that require appropriate understanding and analysis that can only be do through the use of semiotics and discourse analysis.The next section presents the concepts of semiotics and discourse analysis that is discussed through the analysis of the literature present in different books, journals, periodicals and internet sources. The literature is reviewed through these sources and then discussed and critically analyzed. Semiotic and Discourse Analysis In th e course of the method of being advertised, merchandise turns into an illustration of anything and everything that is desirable for the general public or at least the target market. The basic working of an advert fundamentally is to indicate, to correspond to us, the object of our most unavoidable desires. We can therefore argue that the most important flavour of an advertisement is of what is important to us. For an advertisement to be successful it needs to put forward an image of us and to tell us ways by which we can use the product to make ourselves even more(prenominal) tempting, striking etc. In this way the product is given individuality, communicating to the target market not just plain information but also representation. The advert under consideration is the Chrysler 300C advertisement. The methods that have been taken up are known as Semiotics and Discourse Analysis. A commonsensical way to stolon here would be by defining Semiotics first. Basically, Semiotics was d eveloped in the 1960s and has its grow in English literature and structural linguistics.

RocketBoom Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 250 words

RocketBoom - Essay ExampleRocketboom has an organizational structure that differs from the handed-down television programs that feature the unidirectional structure. It targets international audience by engaging them in discussions and in diverse formats and platforms (VCTV 2007). The Rocketboom video covers the top and new stories with a bias on international arts and weblog drama. It presents the videos online and also distributes them via RSS. The buckrams pith can also be accessed via its website, iTunes and subscription through emails. The availability of its content online gives it a larger audience than the television companies. Unlike traditional televisions that spend heavily in production, it uses simple facilities to compose its content (DeVilla 2006).Failure to understand the concepts of IT and business would have deprived it the opportunity to thrive in the hostile market. As discussed above, most traditional television companies fail to register growth because of t heir limited knowledge or want of using IT exhaustively. Lack of business skills would have seen the company collapse at an early age because of hapless

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Preamble of the US Constitution. Has the government accomplished the Essay

Preamble of the US Constitution. Has the government accomplished the goals established in the constitutions preamble - Essay ExampleEstablish justiceThis goal can be illustrated by some(prenominal) examples, still the common feature they all have is a cruel fight against oppression of civilians and a great enthusiasm to protect human rights of the the Statesn nation (the African American civil rights try of the 60s). Justice and the fight against discrimination have always existed nearby in America. When in the end of 60s the Rev. Martin Luther King, younger and Sen. Robert F. Kennedy were assassinated, the concept of justice was undermined. Nevertheless, by putting great efforts in the fight against racial or sexual urge oppression, American nation gained the right to live in the just country with no oppression or persecution. Ensure domestic silence An example illustrating the Americans government to ensure domestic tranquility can be shown by the 1968 Richard Nixons political campaign when he underlined the importance of fight against crime and for natural law and order and the establishment of the Law Enforcement Assistance Administration (LEAA). Another example was chosen from the Cold war period, when the nation was intimidated by the presence of the bomb. During that period the Government could not manage a shift of families transformation to nuclear families and thus the goal of tranquility was not fulfilled to the fullest extent, while it was easier to nonplus new cordial standards for civilians development (e.g. expressive sexuality among women). upright blessings of liberty Liberty infringement by Communism was confronted in America in terms of McCarthyism. Nevertheless, it was not real protection of human rights and liberties, but a false and artificial creation of democratic socialism. These attempts to infringe American nation were hampered by Murrows criticism broadcasted in 1954 in A Report on Sen. Joseph R. McCarthy. Therefore, the jou rnalist debated over inconsistencies of MacCarthys public lecture and his actions that endanger real republic in America. Another example of the States reached goal of Secure Blessing of Liberty can be illustrated by events taking place in America in 1964 when the Freedom Vote, SNCC sent volunteers into Mississippi to promote more(prenominal) freedoms during voting. In the result, three black workers were lynched. Nevertheless, attempts of fighters for the real democracy resulted in the blacks participation in the political Democratic Party and ensured other ethnic minorities of America in their rights for freedom and liberties. To form a more perfect union The implementation of this goal can be illustrated by the increase of the civic responsibility. A unity of American nation was growing in the motion of public demonstrations while opposing to the war in Vietnam, during protests against environmental pollution. Public participation in the social life of America flourished unde r the guidance of Martin Luther King. The highest expressivity that public participation reached was during the Million Man March in 1963 March in Washington. Nevertheless, these initiatives were not realized to the fullest extent. Though theoretical underpinnings of racial equality in America were well-developed, they were not completely realized in practice. Therefore, the governmental attempt to realize the goal of a more perfect union creation has not been completely embodied. Till nowadays the American government whole kit at perfection of conditions for people in the name of the common perfect state. Conclusion The goals set in the Preamble of the US Constitution have been partially brought to life. The nations participation in the historical events of America has been always marked by a common goal to reach freedom, independence and a real protection o

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Modest Proposal by Jonathan Swift Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1500 words

Modest Proposal by Jonathan Swift - Essay ExampleArguments ar presented to raise awareness about a trivial matter in a light-hearted manner and this is where the subdivision becomes important for its jesting worth. Such arguments do not lack force but refuse to shoot the breeze views on others and this is what Suzanne Britts essay is all about.In a Modest Proposal, Jonathan Swift highlights the overt of poverty in Ireland in very harsh and satirical manner. It is important to understand that there is a very clear line dividing humor and satire and Swifts work is not humorous in any way. His language is abrasive and there is little use of compassion. Even if logic is applied, it is malformed around which makes it appear like reversed logic. There is nothing mild about his essay and eyepatch his main purpose was to draw attention to the extremes of poverty in Ireland and the growing population problem, his solution business leader appear to be an attack against the government i nstead of a concern for societal good. Such themes were normally Swifts favorites as Fox tells us, Recurrent famine, widespread poverty and misery amongst the native peasantry, the ruin to create a more self-reliant economy, and the landlords moral complacency are the principal targets of Swifts anger. There is as well as much politics in the essay, which is one reason the essay cannot be truly enjoyed. No beneficial facts or statistics have been used and thus the essay lacks objectivity. With the kind of harshness he employed, statistics were definitely necessitate to support his case.In the contrast, we can use the example of Suzanne Britts essay, Neat people vs. sloppy people. This essay has made good refreshing use of humor. The author has tried to attract attention to the differences surrounded by the attitude of neat and sloppy people and has employed humor with such ease and precision that every person would love this piece.

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An Evaluation over the Movie V for Vendetta Essay

An Evaluation over the Movie V for Vendetta - Essay display caseAs the discussion stressesin the film, we are familiarized to a man known as jackass Fawkes. On November 5th of the very year, he attempted to bring down the house of parliament. Fawkes is found and in the first place the public, he is almost hanged. We find a tremendous approach of gunshot by furious gang beckoning their hands into the air. The gunshot from above enabled the spectators view these people metaphorically and accurately. Fawkes is putting on a garment that is white signifying his innocence.This study highlights that through vigilant checking, motivated by montage theory, we observe two scenes change together. They match one another and ultimately both subject come together in the equal frame. V wears his mask and Evey is in front of a mirror and started making up herself. When Evey puts off her TV, V does so. The action of the mirror points that both are travelling to the corresponding direction. Whe n they finally meet at the same path, V saves Evey from government officers trying to rape her. The same montage is viewed after V rescued her against the rapist. subsequently they are separated, she reports her duty at work place, which happens to beware V attempts to address the country live on TV. The montage sequence mirrors reflect the former with close ups. In the end, when their paths meet the second time, it is Evey saving V. non all mirroring shots happening in the picture are between Evey and V. The V shots addressing on TV indicates the chancellor speaking to the nation. Conversely, both are deliberately differently taken.

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Employment law 2 Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 words

Employment jurisprudence 2 - Essay ExampleIn this regard, it was not necessary for Leslie Accounting Firm to ask Gale these questions. interrogation 2 Jill can not use this situation as a defense to a human meetion VII action. This can be analysed to mean that she used the excuse so that she could discriminate the Hispanic work party members. In fact, EEOC compliance requires that employers should not discriminate people for employment on the basis of their color, nationality, or race. inquiry 3 An affirmative action is a plan containing statistical information indicating the association of precise jobs mingled with eligible people especially in metropolitan recruiting aras and actual number of employees employed (Goldman and Corrada 194). Conversely, quotas are never allowed except in situations where they are directed by the federal court as a moment of continued discrimination. In essence, goals are established in relation to when the fraction of underrepresented is less than what is expected and obtainable in the recruitment area. However, the key element is that the availability depends on individuals having the required qualifications for the job, not just the part of minorities. Question 4 Title VIIs of the civil rights Act of 1964 prohibits against discrimination. This law protects mothers of young children from oeuvre discrimination (Goldman and Corrada 200). It is the responsibility of employers to prevent torment directed to caregivers from occurring in the work place. Employees subjected to such harassment are required to follow the employers harassment complaint process. In case the employee report the matter to the employer and no action is taken against the supervisor, the employee can sue the employer for hostile work environment that violated Title VII. If the detective determines that the employee was subjected to a hostile work environment, the court may rule that the employer was liable. Question 5 In the levelheaded definitio n, sexual harassment is considered to be undesirable vocal, bodily, or visual demeanor of a sexual personality that affects working conditions (Goldman and Corrada 200). Firstly, going by this definition, it is apparent that the employee in the current scenario can sue the employer for sexual harassment. However, the employees would be required by the court to prove the claim of sexual harassment. Therefore, she needs to prove she belongs to a saved class and that the harassment complained of was based on sex. In this case, the employee is a woman and is protected under antidiscrimination law. The act of her supervisor touching her back qualifies as a physical conduct of a sexual nature, and his fashioning of untoward statement qualifies to be a verbal conduct of a sexual nature. Nevertheless, in determine the case, the court may look in to some issues. For example, as an employee, it is advisable to report such cases to employer in the company under published sexual harassment po licy and give them a chance to work up the problem (Goldman and Corrada 201). In this case, if the worker does not report to the employer first, she might loose the case. The law states that sexual harassment has to be severe or pervasive. In this regard, since the incidence occurred once, can not be enough for a law suit. Question 6 National origin

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Critique of a Speech or Presentation (or editorial Essay

Critique of a Speech or Presentation (or editorial - Essay Exampleconomy, education, health, and external affairs, and in maximizing pathos to appeal to the emotions of understanding and hopefulness, although his ethos is tarnished with the disconnection between his promises of jobs and the reality of unemployment and dissatisfaction with his policies and reforms.Obama effectively uses parole to help voters understand the difference between his vision and the Republican vision. He reminds voters that they have a tariff in choosing the right vision, which can be attained through thinking reasonably about what Republicans had through in the past. As former leaders, their policies contributed to the 2008 recession. Obama asserts his vision early in his speech Ours is a fight to repossess the values that built the largest middle human body and the strongest economy the world has ever known (1). He is dictum that the Republican vision does not offer a veridical road to the protecti on of the middle class and economic development. He argues that Republican policies are unclear They compliments your vote, but they dont want you to know their plan (2). This is effective if the voters will appreciate that it is better to take a more tangible new road from Obama than an unknown, possibly repetitive road from Republicans. Moreover, Obama appeals to reason when he emphasizes that people should not go back to Republicans, who have been doing the same things And thats because all they had to offer is the same prescription theyve had for the last cardinal years (2). Obama effectively reminds people that his road to economic recovery is new and ongoing. Furthermore, Obama underlines the importance of moving on and not comparing his work with past Republican administrations. He jokes about the tax resolutions of Republican administrations wee a surplus? Try a tax cut. Deficit too high? Try another(prenominal) (2). Obama influences voters to understand that he is moving away from these tested-and-failed actions. He will continue his

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Recruitment, Training and Compensation Assignment

Recruitment, Training and Compensation - Assignment ExampleA Telenor company is stringently 100% owned by Telenor ASA in addition to adds-on to its operations in the continent Asia plus democracy Malaysia,Pakistan , Thailand, and Bangladesh. In March of the year 2005 Telenor in Pakistan successfully launched its operations in Pakistan secure like a single biggest direct European investment, while setting their priority for further more(prenominal) foreign investments in the sector of telecom (Telenor Group, 2012). As of end of December in the year of 2013 ,It has got a subscriber lay down of around 150 million all over the world. It specifically ranked among the top 500 largest restless operator in the world with a total of around 150 million of subscribers in the energetic operations. The company names Telenor ASA is actually an international provider of very high quality telecommunications, all info along with media communication services. They take in broadened themselves from corner to corner in the country where they have operated, and having around more than thirty one thousand plus employee . Telenor has set up cellular phone operations in 12 different markets and as well in 17 markets via ourownership in VimpelCom Ltd. ... The process of staff office selection is the systematic placement of persons into the main jobs for the duration of which applications are calculated against currently available and offered vacancies and evaluated as per the skills, talents and experience of the applicant in the compliance with the Telenor selection procedure that is without a doubt specified in the Recruitment Policy. . . . . . The strategy or the policy that Telenor adopted is in this manner as described infra Coordination with all of the departments on the recruitments and sourcing of the well qualified candidates in conformity with an approved hiring plan. Job advertisement is make through web site or the newspapers or via third party recruitment sourc es. . . . . . . . CV blanket and short listing, as well as conducting interviews plus tests. Synchronize with the selected universities for graduate placements and internship. An appropriate match is all-important(a) and compulsory between culture and employee in the recruitment hand hiring if the individual Excellence Division feels just like a person will not be capable to adjust in the milieu of the organization, although he/she is doing functionally very well, the individual is completely rejected. . . . . The talent and the appropriate skills that are actually need by the main and major company Telenor is that each and every employee should have very high-quality communication skill, have to be result oriented, ought to be developing yourself as well as others having the capability of innovation , should be a very good team player. Question no 3Outline a readiness and development strategy for your selected MNE that could be used to effectively meet organizational requireme nts for operating in bigeminal countries Telenor is

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Impact of Technology on the Work-Life Balance Essay Example for Free

Impact of engine room on the Work-Life Balance EssayTechnology has d matchless a lot for human beings. Without the development in technology it is possible that the pyramids would never go for been built and neither would we be able to communicate with each other from remote places all all over the world. Some say that these expert advances such as the internet and cellular phones are a grace on society and humankind yet in that respect are also those detractors who say that it is has not modify life in so much as it has complicated matters. While we enjoy boththing that technology has to offer, it cannot be argued that there are quantifys that we are more inconvenienced by it. There are times when one would rather turn his or her cellular phone off so that they can relax more and take it easy. There are also times when they wish they had battery power on their technological devices so that they can work more or accomplish more. The problem it seems is that as technolo gy becomes more advanced and incorporates itself more in the daily lives of people it becomes more difficult to escape from it.The biggest difficulty straight off is actually turning that piece of technology off without fearing that doing so will leave a somebody uninformed or make him feel so isolated and left over(p) out of this world which is piteous at a very rapid pace. It is commonplace to see a person check his information processing system (either desktop or laptop) every few minutes or so just to make for certain that they read the email as soon as it comes in. People bring their work with them almost over they go these days.Work is no longer limited to the confines of a cubicle or an share still can now be performed virtually anywhere thanks to the technological advances that have enabled the founding of portable workstations such as blackberries, laptops and cellular phones. The introduction of teleconferencing has made travel to meetings all nevertheless obsol ete and the push for more digital convergence has made it possible for people to work from their homes.The proper(a) characterization of this phenomenon is not increasing worker productivity, as it is claimed, but rather invasion of privacy. There is no longer any place that is safe from the summons from work or the orders of a superior. Virtually every place on this planet offers people to perform work at any time and from any location. This means that since the day has still remained at 24 hours, unless scientists have found a way to diverge that, and the more that time is devoted to work, the less time on that 24 hour clock is left for privacy and relaxation.Even certain studies have shown that the work hours have dramatically increased from the levels that it was at previously. to a greater extent and more people put in longer hours with each technological breakthrough that is introduced. It has been argued that this is a in force(p) thing because people make more money and m ore money means happier people. While there is no arguing the fact that more money does make people elated, in general, the devices that have been invented to allow the generation of higher incomes has also reduced the time left to spend that hard earned money.The particular(a) income that is generated by these devices now seems so meaningless and useless since it cannot be spent due to the lack of time to do so. Another problem is also the cost of worker burn out. While productivity is theoretically increased per worker, the added stress and workload that is given per worker leads to a faster deterioration of the human mental imagery and means that in the long run the potential productivity gains are actually nullified by the deterioration of human capital.All of these time saving devices which claim to increase productivity were invented for a simple reason, to decrease work time. They were not really invented to free time up for other work but were envisioned to allow a perso n to do more with less. We should learn to keep it that way, be happy with doing more with less and do not fret about doing more with more.

Killing Without Emotions Essay Example for Free

Killing Without Emotions EssayThis homophile record of ours makes us think or stops us in order to kill without emotions. When compassionates ar hardwired to be empathetic and compassionate not to kill, it is hard to understand why there is so more cleansing in the world? How, with empathy and compassion, can people kill? They must override their emotions with stronger emotions of hate and notions of tendency based on their beliefs. In the following paragraphs leave behind yield few examples that will indicate why and how some people override their emotions with stronger emotions based on their purpose. A common example of this is of a self-destruction bomber. So how these suicide bombers ar formed or what is the psychology involved behind suicide bombing. . often the suicide bombers arrested in Pakistan are usually teenagers and are from a poor background. They are usually kidnapped on their way to school or madraassa (religious school) and then brainwashed. Researc h and Todays media reveals that suicide bombers using their godliness as a shield justifies what they are doing are right.During brainwashing they are kept isolated and effrontery over misleading information on the find out of the religion. They are told by the corrupt religious leaders that killing of the non Muslims are justified according to their religion. In addition to this they are also told that dying in the name of their religion will straighten out them the rank of a martyred. They are also brainwashed that they will earn a full(prenominal) rank in the heavens and rivers of milk and honey and beautiful virgins await. (Yusufzai and Jamal). They are offered high price to get the job done.They are assured that their family will live wealthy life by and by their job is done. Almost 90% of the suicide bombers are normal humans but, after knowing the gear up they can earn by dying in the name of their religion, change their emotions to kill hundreds of innocent humans. F rom this preceding(prenominal) example it can be concluded that they simple overcome their emotions with stronger emotions of earning high rank in celestial sphere by dying in the name of the religion, securing the lives of their family and obeying the orders of God.Another type of the people who override their emotions to kill are the soldiers. Soldiers override their emotions for certain reasons that they learn during the training. During the training there are told that they are the protectors of the land. The lives of their families and their countrymen depend on them. Moreover, they are learn with the fact that what they are doing is right and justified and God is with them. The training for the soldiers keeps on the changing with succession to time. The soldiers are given complete training/ practicing area. The soldiers are desensitized by making them shoot at human shaped paper targets, drill and then to moving targets and pop up targets look kind of human shape making th eir response automatic and focused. (Dwyer). The training areas includes all kinds of difficult pathways, underground tunnels and fulminant appearance of the human shaped targets which they pick up shoot at and take them down. They are also congratulated on their first kill which increases their confidence to override their emotions more easily In addition to this there are addressed directly making them believe that they actually have to kill. (Robinson). Often a times the present the enemies in way that does not even feel like a human for instance they will call their enemies by those names that even dont look familiar. Names like scoop who knows what is gook? It does not sound like a human or a person. Half of the desensitizing and dehumanizing is made easier in presenting a person that does not even to our class or kind. In addition, byword that God is with us, we are fighting for the sake of our country and the people and God is proud of us.A fix of killing is made easier in this for the soldiers presenting these as a reason. (Pomerantz) So, with this kind of training and lessons of patriotism being given to the soldiers makes it easier to override to their emotions. In the conclusion I would restate again that killing without emotions is really hard unless you have you dont overcome your emotions. It takes a lot of nerve and heart to kill without emotions. Works cited Dwyer, Gwynne. Soldiers trained to kill and post-traumatic psycho-babble. Thuppahis blog, 29 April 2011. Web. Web. 18 Feb. 2013. Yusufzai, Asfaq, and Amna Nasir Jamal. Teenagers recruited, trained as suicide bombers. Central online Asia. N. p. , 11 04 2011. Web. 18 Feb 2013. Robinson, Steve. The tinge of killing and how to prepare the soldiers . Frontline. Frontline, 01 Mar 2001. Web. 18 Feb 2013. Pomerantz, Andrew. The impact of killing and how to prepare the soldiers . Frontline. Frontline, 01 Mar 2001. Web. 18 Feb 2013.

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Advertising Objectives Essay Example for Free

publicise Objectives EssayFurthermore, Budweisers mission is to pursue a long-term growth schema by pursuing high consumption markets and attaining a firm market share among competitors. Budweiser has a virile brand name domestically, however for this particular region it get out need to implement a acuteness strategy. Also, Budweiser impart focus on securing valuable distribution transmit including pubs and tops(p)markets. The product positioning strategy reflects matched pricing and product differentiation.Inherently, the product reflects cultural values of the target country, with attributes much(prenominal) as caffeine and topical anesthetic flavors that represent regional preferences. The brand may potentially increase market share via acquisition of fair play investment. Tactical Details Product Various product attributes entrust be localized to appeal to consumer tastes such as a diet/lighter version beer with caffeine. Offering smaller glass bottles, which align with European consumption volume trends, depart differentiate product packaging. The beer base content will be govern but with local flavors found on market research.Also, based on potential research findings at that place is a possible product extension for an all-natural beer within the Austrian market. Additionally, products will be available in mini kegs to support the younger market segment behavioral characteristics. Advertising Implementing TV, Radio, Direct mail, Print ads, and cyberspace will be necessary to keep up with competitive advertising within this region. Messaging will focus on initially creating awareness. Ultimately, message strategies will portray a global brand with localized messaging.Internet advertising will be highly influential for the demographic market segment. Advertising will include viral ads, flash advertisements, and promotional incentives and incorporate sites such as MySpace and blogs (for the younger generation). Furthermore, sponsor ship from favourite celebrities or musicians for events and products will appeal to the target market. Personal Selling Face to face education via musical score executives with clubhouses/pubs will be imperitive to create awareness and motivate front-line distributors.Additionally, face-to-face predicts of contact in grocery stores and super/hypermarkets will be important in order to impact this a vast portion of purchases. These tasks will be contracted out to a local sales force that understands the culture, industry and competitive environment. bout follow-ups and frequent interactions will be emphasized in order to maintain strong distributor relationships. sales Promotion Incentives will be offered to club owners, super markets and so forth that will be based on volume discounts.A sales contest will also be commenced across the club/pub segment and the supermarket segment to increase purchases, emphasize product push through distribution channels and create awareness for caffeinated beer. Sub-brand specific websites will offer promotional incentives as well (BOGO, etc). Sleek, appealing point of purchase displays will be exhibited in supermarkets. Promotional partnerships with record a company, such as part with iTunes downloads with purchase will be implemented to appeal to youthful market.Distribution Distribution will originally focus on clubs/pubs, closely following the Red Bull distribution model and its flourishing mastery within this region. Distribution will also be emphasized in super and hypermarkets. Price form _or_ system of government Pricing will remain competitive, but not premium. Also, based on market research, pricing will reflect that of energy drinks. Product differentiation and promotional efforts will not focus on price, but instead aim to increase purchasing through incentives such as volume discounts. ResearchA partnership with an experienced European market research agency (i. e. EURO, RSCG) will be imperative to observ e quality perception and target market acceptance. Research will closely examine brand mention development over time. Data mining from distributors to track trends will also be influential in understanding consumption behaviors. Research will also be needed in evaluating the possibility of instauration a more mainstream bud beer. Finally, based upon success within Austria, further research into surrounding countries will be necessary.

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Spartiate King Essay Example for Free

Spartiate King EssayDemaratus, a Spartiate King, was deposed by the Ephors after questions about his heritage had been raised since the Kingship was contagious and also primogenitive meaning that the position of King was passed on to the oldest son and not the most talented or popular. One of the Ephors acted as the Eponymous Ephor, from the 5th Century BC onwards, meaning that this particular Ephors name was use as a dating system for Sparta which made it quite reliable due to the fact that individually Eponymous Ephor was only elected once in their entire lifetime. In addition to this, the Ephors were able to work and fine each citizens for br severallyes in the laws of Sparta on the spot which differs greatly to the effect displayed by former(a) aspects of the Spartiate reputation such as the Gerousia or the Kings. However, one problem with this aspect of the effect of the position of Ephor, was the fact that an individual only held the position of power for a year, a fter which they would return to normal citizenship indeed putting them on par with those whom theyd previous fined and disciplined.As a result of this eventuality, its doubtful that the Ephors used their position as effectively as they could have since they knew of a backlash which would occur once they stepped down from the position. Also, the Ephors received foreign ambassadors from other Greek Poleis instead of the Kings or the Gerousia thus suggesting that they were the portion of the Constitution that interacted with other Poleis instead of the Kings a persona which would place them higher than the Kings since itd be their behaviour and interactions which the ambassadors would base their decisions upon and not that of the Kings.Traditionally, in societies wherein a sovereigny exists, it the reigning Monarch who interacts with ambassadors from other nations and countries however, since Spartas Constitution doesnt permit the Monarch the level of power it once had, its only re asonable to yield that such a role would fall to others. The Gerousia, comprising of the 28 elders all of whom were over sixty and retired from military dish and the two Kings, was the Supreme Court of Sparta they had the last(a) say over any legal decisions proposed, based on whether or not the congregation agreed with the proposed decision.The members of the Gerousia were elected to a life- enormous position, though naturally they were only qualified for election if they were over sixty which incidentally was the age that all adult, male Spartiates retired from the military at. Once elected, each individual, was unable to be unelected and the only way they could be replaced was through their death.Unlike the Ephors therefore, the members of the Gerousia had the power of their positions to back up them in building referent power with the citizens of Sparta and other members of the Gerousia thus their appointment to the Gerousia enabled additional types of power to develop and assist them with their agendas. However, for all the power the Gerousia had in relation to legal decision, they couldnt progress very far without the compliance of the convention which would vote yes or no on a proposal from the Gerousia.If the Assembly didnt agree with the Gerousia about a proposed decision then the Gerousia had to revise the proposition and then offer it to the Assembly again. This would mean that the decisions of the Gerousia took a long time to carry out since first of all, the Gerousia had to decide amongst themselves which proposal was best, then propose it to the Assembly and, if the Assembly didnt agree, theyd have to go back and revise it again thus meaning that to implement a saucer-eyed change or improvement to a pre-existing law of Sparta could take weeks or even months at a time.This then wasnt efficient and quite cumbersome of the Constitution. The Assembly itself, as aforementioned, had the power to block any laws proposed by the Gerousia but, they couldnt speak out against the proposals instead only being able to say yes or no to the proposal and not offer an improvement or possible change to it.In addition to this power to veto any proposal from the Gerousia, the Assembly had the Positional Power which enabled them to decide on whether or not Sparta would engage on a military campaign since, afterall, the members of the Assembly were actually soldiers who served in the army and thus would be the ones engaging in battle. Also, as an additional bonus to this, the Assembly had the power to chose which of the two Kings would raceway them on the military campaign. Now, this type of decision was based on a number of things most in all probability on the militaristic competence of the chosen King but, quite possibly, also the charisma of the King.As it was, the chosen King would, in effect, become the General of the Army and also the strategist for the campaign making his decisions final though an Ephor would accompany the King on campaign to make sure he maintained the code of Sparta whilst on campaign. In conclusion to this, I would surmise that it was the Position of Ephor which garnered the most power since the Ephors had the ability and subject matter to control the Kings insofar as having the power to summon, depose and even censure the King.In addition to this immense power over the Kings, the Ephors also had the power of their position to discipline and fine Spartiate citizens in much the akin way a member of law enforcement does today. This then creates a diverse and dynamic position of power which enabled the Ephors to control the Kings themselves but also everyday individuals in order to maintain the Code of Sparta. Unlike the Gerousia which depended on the Assemblys agreement on proposals, and the Kings who depended on the Assembly on which King would undertake a military campaign, the Ephors were involve to answer to no-one except the laws of Sparta itself.

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Ford Motor Company Essay Example for Free

traverse travel telephoner Essay military strengths crossway drive Company is a Multi international Company with 90 plant and facilities selling fomites in 200 markets. It is the sanction biggest plant in the world, with approximately 345,000 employees The cut through Motor Company is the Fifth largest vehicle manufacturer in the world and the second in the U.S. with a total (Sales 2010) of 4,988,031 vehicles manufactured including Cars, land ruse vehicles (LCV), Heavy commercial Vehicles (HCV) and Heavy Buses. track Motor merges with Hertz Rent-A-Car, the worlds leading vehicle renting organization, operates from approximately 8,100 locations in 143 countries worldwide. track Motor Company is in ten place in 2011 Fortune 500 list (Us), with Revenues of (Millions) 128,954.0 and moolah of (Millions) 6,561.0 and in the 2011 Global 500 list, Ford Motors in twenty fifth place. Ford is a sept name tick off Has physical presence in all major continents Ford motor defer red payment company helps finance, lease and sell insurance customers14,400 international patents, copyrights and trademarks2nd highest market sh ar in hand truck salesSponsor special-rate financing programs available only through Ford Credit Programs increase Ford Credits financing volume and sh argon of financing sales of their vehiclesWeaknessesFord Motors doesnt have a terminate economical stander pickup or cable consignment van, compared to Chevrolet Silverado (Pickup) that gives 20mpg in city and 23mpg in highway and the Chevrolet get (Van) that gives a 15mpg in city and 20mpg in highway. Durable good- in rough economical times it is not necessary to replace If consumers continue to fill vehicles that are relatively large, have high performance, and/or are feature-laden, while regulatory standards require the production of vehicles that are smaller and more(prenominal) economical, the mismatch of supply and demand would have a negativeeffect on profitability Market s hare has declined in some regions of the world over the last year. Overall market share in the United States, including PAG-brand vehicles, has declined in each(prenominal) of the past five years, from 20.5% in 2003 to 15.6% in 2007 Stock shares have declined, resulting with volume reductions have had an adverse move on our results of operations Ford Motor warned its European operations may lose $500 one million million million to $600 million this year.OpportunitiesInnovation technologies, Sync with My track emergency is a combine applied science, that help and assists drivers for a more comfortable drive experience. The Sync technology consist in integrating Bluetooth- enable cell phones and Mp3 players in to the car, providing hand free call and medicament selection capabilities using voice activate commands. My ford touch replaces many handed-down buttons with clear, colorful and user friendly LCD screens. Block Exemption Regulation (Europe) Makes it easier for a dea ler to display and sell multiple brands in one store (Ford, Lincoln, Mercury) without the need to maintain disperse facilities Increasing presence in chinaware, with more investment in manufacturing capacity, introduction of new products and expansion of dissemination channel Opened a second assembly plant and new engine plant turn up in Nanjing, ChinaInitial capacity of the plant was approximately 160,000 units annually, boosting total annual passenger car production capacity in China to more than 410,000 vehiclesOperates a purchasing office in China to procure components for operations outside of ChinaThreats Decline in overall market share due(p) toIncluding increased competitionIndustry shift away from traditionally stronger segments (e.g., traditional SUVs and full-size pickups)Reduced vehicle sales to daily rental companiesDecrease in commercial fleet sales reflected lower industriousness volume Japanese and Korean manufacturers are increasing their production capacity in EuropeStrength Ford Motor Company is a Multi international Company with 90 plant and facilities selling vehicles in 200 markets. It is the second biggest plant in the world, with approximately 345,000 employees. (http//www.freeonlineresearchpapers.com/ford-diversity-commitment) , (http//media.ford.com/article_display.cfm?article_id=7670) The Ford Motor Company is the Fifth largest vehicle manufacturer in the world and the second in the U.S. with a total (Sales 2010) of 4,988,031 vehicles manufactured including Cars, land craft vehicles (LCV), Heavy Commercial Vehicles (HCV) and Heavy Buses. (Oica.net, 2011) (http//oica.net/wp-content/uploads/ranking-2010.pdf) Ford Motor diversity in Ford Credit is a subsidiary of The Ford Motor Company that finance vehicles to customer and dealers to support Ford Motor Company sales. They also provide financing on Lincoln vehicles, offering competitive rates, innovative products, flexible toll (http//www.fordcredit.com/companyInfo/profile.jhtml) Ford Motor merges with Hertz Rent-A-Car, the worlds leading vehicle renting organization, operates from approximately 8,100 locations in 143 countries worldwide. Ford Motor Company is in ten place in 2011 Fortune 500 list (Us), with Revenues of (Millions) 128,954.0 and Profits of (Millions) 6,561.0 (http//money.cnn.com/magazines/ dowery/fortune500/2011/full_list/index.html) and in the 2011 Global 500 list, Ford Motors in twenty fifth place. (http//money.cnn.com/magazines/fortune/global500/2011/full_list/index.html)Weakness Ford Explores rollover and firestone tires recalls controversy announced on August, 2000, approximately 14.4 million tires contain a safety-related defect. Harmed Ford brand image.(http//www.nhtsa.gov/PR/FirestoneRecall) Ford Motors doesnt have a fuel efficient stander pickup or cargo van, compared to Chevrolet Silverado (Pickup) that gives 20mpg in city and 23mpg in highway and the Chevrolet Express (Van) that gives a 15mpg in city and 20mpg in highway. (http// www.fueleconomy.gov/feg/bestworstepatrucks.htm) Ford Motors only has seven subsidiaries, Lincoln, mercury, Mazda, Volvo, Jaguar, Land Rover, Aston Martin.Opportunities Fuel efficient cars, Ford Motor Company is launching the about fuel-efficient cars in the market. The All-new 2012 Ford Focus will be powered by a fuel-efficient 2.0-liter DOHC four-cylinder engine with couple on independent variable camshaft timing (Ti-VCT) and direct gasoline injection that will deliver up to a projected 40 mpg highway. The combinations of these technologies helps to lower gas emission but, still have horse power. For a 4 cylinder 2.0 liter engines it is rated at 160 horse power and 146lbs of torque. (http//media.ford.com/article_display.cfm?article_id=33438) Big donator to charity and victims of natural disasters. October 27, 2000 Ford Motor Company will donate $1.4 million to the San Diego Environmental Foundation (SDEF) for the preservation, protection and enhancement of the San Eliot lagoon Ecological Reserve, which is one of San Diegos and Southern Californias most precious and unique natural resources. (http//media.ford.com/article_display.cfm?article_id=6425) Innovation technologies, Sync with My ford touch is a combine technology, that help and assists drivers for a more comfortable drive experience. The Sync technology consist in integrating Bluetooth- enable cell phones and Mp3 players in to the car, providing hand free call and music selection capabilities using voice activate commands. My ford touch replaces many traditional buttons with clear, colorful and user friendly LCD screens. (http//media.ford.com/images/10031/Drive_Smart_HR.pdf) Driving Technology, Blind Spot Information organization (BLIS) gives out three warnings when a vehicle not visible or enters ones blinds spot. The signals consists in a Yellow light appears in the equal side view mirror, an audio alert and a message warning displayed.(http//media.ford.com/images/10031/Drive_Smart_HR.pdf) Re ar view television camera and Forward Sensing System, helps drives to see on screen when parking in reverse. The Forward Sensing System helps to determine how close are the objects form the vehicle. (http//media.ford.com/images/10031/Drive_Smart_HR.pdf) Electric Power-Assisted Steering (EPAS). This technology consists in adapting to the lane conditions and help drivers to compensate directional shifts caused by crowned roads surface or steady crosswinds. (http//media.ford.com/images/10031/Drive_Smart_HR.pdf) agile Park Assistants uses ultrasonic based sensing system and EPAS for parallel parking. (http//media.ford.com/images/10031/Drive_Smart_HR.pdf) Rain-Sensing Wipes has a optical sensor that elevator car adjust to the climate conditions. (http//media.ford.com/images/10031/Drive_Smart_HR.pdf) Power train and convenience Adaptive cruise control allows the vehicle to commit and mating speed without using the pedals. It also has a radar- based system thats can monitor the vehi cle in front up to 600 feet. (http//media.ford.com/images/10031/Drive_Smart_HR.pdf) Easy fuel or cap less system helps drives when plectron the car with gasoline a hassle-free, odor free, and have a more consistent seal compared to traditional manual cap.( http//media.ford.com/images/10031/Drive_Smart_HR.pdf) Eco-Boost gains of up to 20 percent and reduction of CO2 emissions by as much as 15 percent compared with larger, less efficient engines. (http//media.ford.com/images/10031/Drive_Smart_HR.pdf) Dual-clutch Power Shift six-speed transmission combines the responsive performance and fuel economy of a manual gearbox with the convenience of a traditional automatic transmission. (http//media.ford.com/images/10031/Drive_Smart_HR.pdf)Threats Government regulations. Do to the pollution and the Global warming caused by the Co2, car manufactures are trying to develop fuel efficient cars. In Jul 29,2011 Major car developers and manufactures joined PresidentObama to discusses the further in fuel economy and proposed a new Fuel-efficiency standers. Todays stander is 27.3mpg by 2025 the stander should be at 54.5 mpg. Its estimated that this new stander will save a average of $8,000 on fuel bill per vehicle, and will reduce U.S. oil consumption by 2.2 cardinal barrels per day. (http//news.consumerreports.org/cars/2011/07/government-raises-fuel-economy-standards-to-545-mpg-by-2025.html) Change of oil price, is one of the most volatile components oil, is very heretical as it prices increases and decreases. Consumer are more aware that fuel efficient vehicle can guarantee more performance for their money.In 26-07-2011 oil crude open at $99.0 an close$99.6 (http//www.livecharts.co.uk/futures_commodities/oil_prices_historical.php) Increase of raw materials. This effects the manufacturing of the automobile if the steel components raises then the car will have to be a lot more expensive. According to the terra firma Carbon Steel Transaction Prices in Mar,2011 medium ste el sections were $719/Ton in April,2011 it was 926/Ton. (http//www.steelonthenet.com/price_info.html) Recession is some other factor that Ford Motor Company has to battle. As the economy declines in activity, more people are not investing or spending their incomes in new vehicles. It is estimate that the US unemployment rates is at 13.9 million persons a (9.1 percent) http//www.bls.gov/news.release/empsit.nr0.htm)

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Dickens writes Oliver Twist Essay Example for Free

Dickens writes Oliver Twist EssayDickens creates sympathy for Oliver and the other orphans throughout the first four chapters of the book. He does this by describing in depth the neglect, mistreatment and emotions of the children. There is a strong warning of this at the end of the first chapter when Dickens writes Oliver cried lustily. If he could have known that he was an orphan, left to the mad mercies of church-wardens and overseers, perhaps he would have cried the louder. Oliver suffers dearly while sprightliness in the workhouse he is quite regularly made an physical exercise of. One of the occasions he is made an example of is when he is forced to learn for more gruel by the other orphans. For doing this he is harshly beaten by cane in prior of the other children and is then imprisoned. Oliver and the other orphans were beaten both ment every(prenominal)y and physically, neglected and starved from birth, until either divergence the workhouse as slave laborers or d ieing.Oliver is terrified of Mr.Gamfield he openly shows his emotion to the whole board of the workhouse when in chapter three he falls to his knees, praying that they would order him back the room, that they would starve him, beat him, kill him. He prays for all of this rather than them send him away with Mr. Gamfield In the time of workhouses the standard of living was near to none. The unwealthy basically had no choice to but to enter a workhouse. They would work for a roof and little food. All of the people in the workhouse had to sleep on the hard floor and receive poor medical attention.Overall the living condition were appalling, Charles Dickens uses irony to create a feeling of how bad the conditions where, a good example of this is that nearly every member of staff is overweight even them giving out the tiny derive of gruel to the orphans. Dickens attempts to create a feeling of pity for the orphans, by doing this we can see that he is arduous to relive poverty, stop oth er people from going through what he went through. Dickens somehow manages to precede a subject as important as poverty and put it across by utilize humor, and at the same time still manages to keep that feeling of seriousness.

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The love for American football Essay Example for Free

The love for American football Essay psyche who is from a nonher country like me, may believe that brio in the United States is very respective(a) from life anywhere else. Countless raft from other countries have a completely distorted impression of how we may live in that respect in America and the mentalities thatthey all posess. Not all of Americans are spoiled, overweight, or are obsessed with football. All of them are completely different for the some part, and are actually have-to doe with about what is occurring in the world at present. However, I do believe I can say that most Americans are proud to be here, and proud to represent the UNITED States, and that pride and love is shared by everyone, kind of like a big family. Just like other countries, there are things that the people tend to be attracted to more than another group of people would. For example, in Mexico, soccer is huge, and almost everyone there is crazy about it, but here in the United States, socce r doesnt hold come along as many fans.Since one doesnt really know a lot about the life in the United States, and the things all Americans seem to enjoy, I would like to enlighten you to the one thing that I believe is totally American. And of coarse, I would have to say its football. Now, no all of Americans enjoy the untamed sport, but about nine out of ten of them absolutely adore it(including myseld). The competition and the thrill that you contribute from watching breathtaking game, will most likely have you sitting at the edge of your seat, not wanting to miss a minute of whar you are seeing take place on the video recording screen.The runs, the cheers, the interceptions, the touchdowns, and most of all the victory when its all over is what I believe makes football what is it today in the society of Americans. If you were to meet another Amrican, I can almost guarantee that the person has a favorite football team that they support with all of theit hearts.

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The Bean Trees Essay Essay Example for Free

The Bean Trees Essay Essay feelings JourneyVijay Sherigar wrote in his rime Journey that, From where I started to where I am today. The journey has been retentive tiring from nothing to something I am today. Its not been an well-off journey. The journey and its cartroads that we travel argon in both the poem My Rebirth and the playscript The Bean Tree and each told(a) three poem, book and journey lead to the rebirth of something bigger, better, brighter and most importantly new. A thematic similarity of renewal with pain, whap, time and lifes journey, is found in both the poem My Rebirth and in the recital The Bean Trees. Though fears stop hold one back, assiduity, accompanied with a little adore faeces help to everyplacecome those worries, notwithstanding those from the worst past imaginable, and can also lead to the road of purpose oneself. The poem vexs and later closes in stating that, Where there were erstwhile tears of wo, they are no more. Body and so ul, I seek potency within.I must not be afraid, where there is fear, comfort will come, application is the key.Have faith, I sack come forward I am loved, I am free, this is me, this is the story of my rebirth.Just as in the poem elegiacally puts, it comprises time to heal, to overcome fears, to dry the tears of pain away andgo on with life. Turtle takes her time to, for lack of a better phrase, come out of her shell, no pun intended. She was mistreated in many different ways, resulting in her fear, and seemingly lack of emotion or personality, as Lee Ann so kindly puts it. Slowly, as she is showed love, gentleness and patience, and given time, she begins to develop a character. She holds on literally to anything stable she can reveal, or grip that is, and metaphorically holds steadfast to her fears and meekness. At first, she found it necessary to bound and almost be robotic or nonexistent, but as she is exposed to something in all sense of the word, though not blood linked, a loving, nurturing, family, belatedly she lets go of her fear and begins to talk, play, learn, and even remember her past, and she is able to do so because of her knowledge that she is loved, free of her former horrors. Taylor finally decides to take Turtle, on account of her abusive history, to the physician.In this visit, the doctor concludes that Turtle ceased growing as an outcome from her previous environment of physical or stirred up deprivation. The condition is known as failure to thrive and though it is appalling that such a past was forced on such a small and innocent little girl the currency lining of the situation is the condition is reversible (p. 166). Turtle did well(p) as the condition describes and failed to bloom, almost to the dit of failing to exist, making herself near to invisible. But as time and love worked its magic, Turtle, realizing she is not alone anymore, slowly begins to reverse her condition. She faces her fears and begins to start again. Though not free from all terrors she is given the chance to flourish and she grasps the opportunity, with just as firm a hold as her literal grip.She finds restoration in the opportunities that patience and love have handed to her. Later on as Turtle buries her doll, Shirley Poppy, Taylor begins to explain to her that while seeds grow, dolls, on the opposite hand, do not. But, when Turtle pats the pile of dirt and says Mama, Taylor feels the need to ask her, Did you see your Mama get interred that way?(p. 281). After Turtle acknowledges that she did indeed see her mother buried, Taylor consoles her, later telling her, You already know theres no such thing as promises. But Ill try as overweight as I can to stay with you.(p. 282).As Turtles grows, she able to remember more of her past and as she becomes more courageous, she begins to confront that horrific past. As she gains strength, she is able to give that same qualitythus through Turtles maturing and prospering, Taylor is given the strength and reason to face her fears, in her case, tires, motherhood and depending on others.With a little time, patience and love Turtle is able to have faith, because she knows of that love for her and is therefore able to be regenerate or freed, beginning to find herself in the process. Just as the poem states, even tears of sorrow and fears from the past, can be overcome with love and the knowledge of that love along with perseverance and endurance. Comfort can follow the fears that remain and sometimes eventually drive them away, difference faith, love and freedom lavatory. Through the time, chances, and hopes that tribulations offer, a certain peace and happiness can be obtained and sometimes allow troubles to be let go of. The poem ends explaining the journey and prospects ahead in saying, Behind the door lies a pool, if I trust, than will I bathe in its waters. I leave behind all misfortunes, I shall be reborn. Breathe again, all is forgiven, I appreciate this second chan ce. Time is what I have.Just as in the poem, time and leaving behind all burdens has given a second chance, the same chances are offered to Esperanza and Estevan. Through their misfortunes, such as losing their daughter and being forced to flee from their country, they are offered opportunities in the linked States, the pool sneaking crossways the border, they find refuge in Matties sanctuary, the waters. They trusted the doors opened for them by their plights and left behind many worries, allowing them to breathe again and giving them more time, though still not liberate them of all troubles. Estevan talks about torture methods used in Guatemala. He also tells Taylor how he and Esperanza had a daughter, Ismene, she was taken in a raid on their neighborhood in Guatemala (p. 183).Estevan and Esperanzas attachment to the teachers pith caused them to be a threat to the government, but because they knew the names of twenty other union members and because they wanted the names of tho se people, the government kept them alive for their valued information and took Ismene to lure Esperanza and Estevan into offering up the names (p. 183). But they chose saving the other union members lives instead of redeeming their daughter they then fled to the United States. Neither Estevan nor Taylor cried at or during the retelling of such a horror and later Taylor defends their actions, or lack thereof, saying, Its firmly to explain, but a certain kind of horror is beyond tears (p. 183). Estevan continues to describe howhe finds peace in believing that his little girl is thriving somewhere else, in a honest and respectable environment, something he cannot provide in his present situation.In reminding himself that he cannot provide a unhazardous atmosphere for a child, much less himself and his wife, he finds peace in the chance that Ismene, through the terrible conditions she has endured, is possibly able to gain opportunities that could not have been given to her if she h ad not been taken away. In choosing to hold the other union members he and Esperanza were able to grasp a new beginning in what is thinking of as the American Dream and unknowingly give Ismene better prospects. But with Border Patrol and immigration laws they are forced to sneak, hide and sacrifice, yet they are fullr and still have more than before the chances to find a brisk start still remain, somewhere and somehow. He is revitalized in his hope for chances, opportunities, dreams, and fresh starts for him and his broken family.Later, at Mr. Armisteads office, Estevan and Esperanza pretend to be Steve and Hope Two-Two, saying they are Turtles birth parents and Taylor poses as Turtles adoptive mother. Mr. Armistead, believing the performance in front of him whole-heartedly, reminds them all of the permanence of the adoption, and asks the Two-Twos to confirm that they are ready to give up their daughter. Esperanza begins to sob at this and says, We love her. Maybe someday we wi ll have more children, but not now. Now is so hard.we have nothing, no home.(p. 287). After the entire episode is over and Turtle is now April Turtle Greer all four friends head to the safe house in Oklahoma inside a church for a fresh start for both Estevan and Esperanza.Somewhere in Esperanzas speech Taylor realizes that there is no acting needed in this situation for Esperanza in her mind she is now letting go of Ismene and giving her over, symbolically, into safe hands, in this case Taylors care. This is her closure and allows her to finally be at peace. Now she and Estevan are able to ladder on and begin again, in their new lives at the safe house. In the likeness of Turtle to Ismene and symbol of the situation of her adoption and their role-play, she is revived to someone much contiguous to the true Esperanza and is a step closer to happiness. Just as the poem beautifully puts, the leaving behind of troubles or better known as moving on, and time provides, even as outcomes of misfortunes, opportunechances, not able to be reached without the trials.Even as the poem metaphorically sets up an imaginary picture, bringing faith to those in the midst of the trials, the hope and dreams of the chances of results and the rising bring peace. Both the poem and book are closely tied on a theme, motif, and even character basis. Both express the need for time, love, patience, faith, hope for favorable chances, and even misfortunes and these are the needed for the journey. It was once said, by Lao Tzu, that, A journey of a thousand miles begins with one step. But what was left out was what would be needed for the rest of the journey, for as it is known its not enough just to take one step.Though maybe needing to take a detour to obtain these qualities, possibly crossing over few, to many tribulations, they are still needed. Once being exposed to them and or obtaining them one is ready to begin to find themselves. Therefore, leading to the rebirth of a new and matu red person. In Corinthians 1313 it says, trio things will last foreverfaith, hope, and loveand the greatest of these is love. These things, though in no way easy to possess, how we express them and if we allow ourselves to take what they offer are what define us and our lifes path or journey. This proves what Vijay Sherigar said in his poem Journey to be true, Tried with luck tried with hard work, tried with destiny too.Its not been an easy journey.Works Cited1 Corinthians 13 cheat Is the GreatestWorks Cited Holy Bible, New Living Translation. Wheaton, IL Tyndale House, 1996. My RebirthWorks Cited Deaths, Maiden. My Rebirth. All Poetry. http//allpoetry.com/poem/2314032-My_Rebirth-by-Raven_Tears (20 August 2011). JourneyWorks Cited Sherigar, Vijay. Journey. PoemHunter. February 25, 2008. http//www.poemhunter.com/poem/journey-41/ (20 August 2011). The Idea of Resurrection (Restoration Rebirth Renewal Revival) as a Motif Works Cited Kingsolver, Barbara. Literary Analysis The Bean Tre es. Helium. April 30, 2007. http//www.helium.com/items/307860-literary-analysis-the-bean-trees-by-barbara-kingsolver (20 August 11). Works Cited SparkNotes Editors. SparkNote

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Technology in Education Essay Example for Free

Technology in Education EssayThe purpose of applied science in teaching method has brought about great changes in the way we teach and learn. In this digital age it is imperative that engineering science is embedded into all aspect of discipline and teaching. Educators face many challenges when it comes to integrating applied science into the classroom repayable to lack of provision, and the availability of technological equipment. Research has sh testify that to cater to our students who be digital natives, and to remain globally agonistical we need to ensure that classrooms spring forward into the 21st nose candy. According to Pelham, Crabtree, Nyiri, Education researchers, g everywherenment officials, and the international victimization community often feature different ideas about the best approach to improving educational acquisition across the globe (2009, p. 74). The same stinker be said for educators and district leaders there be a variety of opinions on how important the use of engineering is within the classroom, and the necessity of it in preparing students to transcend in todays digital society. In the early 1970s a very subtle number of prepargons had access to computers, and usually those schools we home of the elite.However, during the late 20th century the obvious necessity to carry computers into the classroom became apparent. Companies such as Apple and Hewlett Packard ran promotions, which allowed more districts the ability to purchase technology for their schools (Nyiri et. al. , 2009). Since then, the integration of technology into education and schools has flummox paramount in the ability for students to become prepared for the 21st Century workplace. Schools are enthusiastic about introducing technology and computers into the classroom but there are several obstacles that they must overcome.The number 1 obstacle is the lack of funding. Many schools embrace the idea of integrating technology into the classroom b ut do not have the funding to provide the technology to their students or teachers. President Obamas charge to drive every classroom with computers and wire every school for Internet use can be seen as the light at the end of the tunnel. During the summer of 2009, several educational groups urged congress to spend several billion dollars to improve technology in the classroom, and to ensure that teachers knew how to use this technology effectively.According to Miners Recognizing the importance of the matter, president Obama and congressional leaders included $650 million in the federal stimulus package for the enhancing education (2009, p. 35). It is expected that over 25% of this funding is use to train teachers on the use of this technology. In acquiring technology for schools, and training teachers on the effective use of this technology they will in flake prepare our students to be globally competitive in this digital world. There are a variety of technological tools that can be utilized in the classroom and although technology is available often times it is not used.The main regaining that needs to be overcome is the lack of training that teachers receive on this technology which in turn give rises a sense of apprehensiveness in integrating technology into the classroom. As stated by Miners, teachers have desired to use this technology in the classroom but have done so seedy due to perhaps an unsatisfactory implementation of poorly conceived programs (2009, p. 36). In 1997 a group of teachers completed a study on how the integration of technology could be used to enhance student acquire. This became kn own as the Teacher Leadership Program.This program has transformed into a professional development for teachers which train them on the use of technology in the classroom through an intensive summer study and continuous online training. Then these teachers can return to their schools and train their colleagues (Miners, 2009). Modeling the integration of technology into their lesson plans is imperative to emphasizing the ease and effectiveness of this technology in the classroom. Not only this, but educators need to utilize technology when collaborating and communicating with their colleagues.Email, instant messaging, and school websites are just a few of the ways that colleagues can use technology with their peers all the duration modeling appropriate use for the students. When students walk into the classroom they want to be immersed in the lifestyle they are accustomed to at home. Cell phones, personal computers, IPods, and gaming systems are the norm at home, students have fully grown up with this technology at their fingertips and know how to operate it in nearly cases more efficiently than most technology professors.They are accustomed to communication via instant messaging, reading digital books, listening to music on mp3 files, posting their diary on blogs, and making friends with facebook. Entering a classroom that i s filled with old books, discolor boards, and no technology present does not provide them with the type of environment in which they need to learn. As Harris and Rea state, with the Google/Facebook generation accustomed to being connected to information sources and social networks all the time and in many forms, how can we best use these technologies to transform, supplement, or even supplant current pedagogical practices (2009, p. 37).The first getting even that needs to be addressed is the use of technological equipment in the classrooms. Smart boards, also known as digital white boards are the wave of the future. According to Corcoran, smart boards are are a portal to the digital world (2009), students can interact with the information on the sort out using touch screen technology. Almost one third of classrooms in the United States have Smart boards, which in turn allows students in these classrooms to become actively engaged in learning.Students who have access to smart boa rd technology become doers in the classroom rather than sponges ingesting the information disseminated by the teacher. It allows students of all learning styles the opportunity to learn precondition the fact that it is of great importance to differentiate in education, being able to cater to all learning styles whether visual, auditory, or kinesthetic through the smart board leads to a very productive learning environment. However, an synergetic white board in the classroom is merely a white board if it is not used effectively.PowerPoint presentations which are interactive are much more interesting than an oral lecture from the teacher, or fetching notes from a book. Being allowed to manipulate and interact with the information allows the students to absorb and retain what they are learning. Teachers can relieve oneself lessons which are visually stimulating, link their lessons with online websites, incorporate music, images, and video into the lesson. They can create online gam es such as hazard or Millionaire to assess student learning, or use programs such as ClassScape to assess students learning.Teachers can create web quests, which are interactive systems of learning. By allowing students to use the internet as a form of learning rather than constant dictation from the teacher we allow them to attain the information themselves therefore retaining it more easily. Jonassen, Howland, Marra, and Crismond (2008) remark that web activities such as WebQuests or scavenger hunts are common tools that allow for independent thinking, challenge students intellectually and assist with problem solving skills.The integration of technology into the classroom are key in motivating the students to learn, to become active in the classroom, and to use the knowledge that they have in dealing with technology in the classroom. Gone are the days of paper and pencil classrooms, with the integration of technology into the classroom comes the dear of learning is rekindled in many of these students lives. With the wide array of websites available online nowadays teachers have no prune for not utilizing technology into the classroom. These websites can be used in the classroom and also at home.An sensitive example is Wiki space which is a webpage where teachers can post their lectures and notes or where they can create an open forum for class discussion. As students are invited to this wiki-space they can edit and add to the discussion online. Students can create their own wikispace, which can greatly decrease stress when working on group projects. Teachers can build their own virtual classroom websites which can be used to as a means to communicate with, and make out parents aware of the goings on in the classroom.Students can use these websites to access homework, and to contact their teachers. Through incorporating technology into the classroom and to use it as a form of communication with parents, colleagues, and students, teachers are preparing t he students for life in the 21st century and ensuring that when they leave the classroom and enter the workforce they are prepared for the technological challenges that they will face them.

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Comparing operating systems Essay Example for Free

Comparing operate placements Essayoperating(a) organisations ar the programmes that create environment which change the confused programmes to run on a information processing system. That is why they are likewise referred to as platforms. The programmes that run on these platforms give the gate range from simple office automation softwares that enable us to do wordprocessing to games and also device drivers. All major companies make their software for multiple platforms. By platform we mean the base environment that enables the communication between the onboard devices analogous the hard-disk, memory, various ports (input/output) and the perishs it will obtain out using former(a) programmes that will run in that environment. For example if we look at Microsoft which makes the MS Office software that is used by most personal computers. They make MS Office for non scarce their own operating system namely Windows just now also for mack and also for UNIX / LINUX. The function of the Operating system is to can an environment and background on which the former(a) applications will run. This involves the use of hardware like the display card, network card, sound card, printers, scanners, other input and output devices.The hardware is linked to the computer through ports and communicates with the operating system through special software known as firmware (or drivers as it is commonly known). The most common Operating Systems are Windows MAC UNIX/LINUX WINDOWS This is haveed by Microsoft and has become a major platform for personal computers around the world. The name Windows was coined for the reason that one can open more than than one application at the same sentence and work on each one one by one simply by opening them in different windows.The earlier programmes did non have this capability and it revolutionised the indus pronounce. after this popularity, various versions were developed with time and now-a-days, we see the launch of Win dows Vista. Before this we had the Windows XP, Windows 2000, Windows NT, Windows ME, Windows 98 etc. The popularity of Windows has been more so in its marketing strategy in that it has not limited itself to geographical boundaries. As a import of its becoming popular and being the most commonly used operating system also had advantages in frontiers of support.There were more people who had had experience of using Windows and any(prenominal) were able to even provide expertise and support where more advanced Microsoft support was not available e. g. in the unlike areas of Africa and other rural areas. But like its popularity it had other people who liked to know more of the Operating system and who wanted to know more well-nigh how it works in the background. This led to a new store of programmers who liked to tear things apart and learn about the mechanism of the system.These people then found ship canal of overriding certain functions, disabling certain features and using the system to their own advantage and a term was coined for them to be known as Hackers. Windows has had to deal with this breed of programmers to continue to hold the market and continuously assay to prove that their Operating System is safe and secure. Some of these programmers later on turned to other ways of proving their skills by developing programmes that would install themselves on the system and wreak havoc on the user by destroying the data, playing up with files and hijacking confidential information and sending it to them.These programmes are known as viruses, which like the clinical virus, avoid detection by changing form and then when the probability allows, do their here and now of destruction. Windows uses the protocol TCP/IP to communicate with other computers. It is also the protocol that is used for communicating with the network. MAC This was developed by the makers of Apple Macintosh computers or Apple for short. It has upto now managed to hold a cracking de al of market share in the USA where it originated and incidentally, Microsoft is also based there.The MAC operating system was developed solely for use in the Apple computers and it was programmed for specialised hardware that was on the Apple PCs. strange Windows that was developed independent of the hardware, MAC on the other hand re chief(prenominal)ed dependent on the hardware and the various versions that came were designed so as to get the maximum output from the same hardware rather than for other new hardware. This was the reason that AppleMac as it was commonly called failed to capture the global market since people could not submit to to buy the hardware and also the level of support was lacking beyond the borders of USA.It did try to market the conception that you indigence to buy the hardware only once and then just keep upgrading the software but by this time it was too late. Far East especially Taiwan, Korea, Japan and China took on the opportunity and started deve loping motherboards for PCs for which Microsoft was willing to supply the necessary Operating System. MAC has produced various versions so far and in brief we are using MAC OS x10. 5 also nicknamed Leopard just like its previous versions which were also named after the big cats.Except for the first one which was named Kodak after the Grizzly bear. Unlike Windows MAC does not have enemies of the likes of Hackers and computer virus creators. It does get them but since MAC is not a popular system of the likes of Windows the Hackers and Virus programmers find it not that worthwhile to work on them. However, it does not mean that they are assoil from it, some people still do it and MAC also has to work around such people each time and new patches are constantly being developed. MAC uses the protocol AppleTalk to communicate with other computers.However, when it needfully to go to the internet, it has to have TCP/IP protocol installed. UNIX/LINUX Unlike the Windows and MAC this is not only an opened Source Operating System but also Freeware. By Open Source we mean that the main code of the programme on which it is based, is not secret or a property of anyone. Earlier when we talked about the Hackers getting into the operating system and disabling certain functions and enabling others to get it to work the way they want, this is exactly what an Open Source system allows one to do.One does not need to have a vast deal of knowledge of programming to be able to manipulate the programme and also one does not need to worry about breaking any law by doing so. The inventors of the programme have abandoned a basic programme along with the freehand to do whatever with it and make it work to your specific requirements. By freeware, we mean that the inventors who have created this programme do not want any money for it and it is free for anyone to download and use.Other terms in this context are the Shareware, this means that the programmer will only give you the software to use on a trial basis for a limited time so that you may evaluate it and see if it suits your needs or not. If it does, then after the trial occlusion you may buy the full version thus avoiding any unnecessary cost that you could have incurred if it was not what you wanted. UNIX or LINUX which are both of similar nature though LINUX is the newer version, have another advantage in comparison to Windows and MAC in that, since these are Open source not many viruses or hackers try to disrupt it.However, UNIX is the main programme that hackers use to hack into either Windows or MAC since it allows you to work on the base level of the programme. UNIX also uses the TCP/IP protocol and thus one does not need to install other protocols to connect to the internet. Due to its popularity the LINUX has been taken by Sun Microsystems which is a major IT caller-out based in Germany and they manufacture Sun computer systems. Sun computers use LINUX as their main operating system.When we run LI NUX on a normal PC it is called referred to as a LINUX COMPARISON AT A GLANCE Windows MAC UNIX / LINUX Popular around the world Support is available even in remote areas Uses the same protocol that is used to communicate with the internet. Is very prone to hackers and viruses thus the creators have to constantly develop patches to overcome the threats. Has more variety of programmes available as compared to other operating systems Is only popular in the America Has limited support around the world.Is more secure than Windows in that it is not prone to hackers and viruses. Uses the protocol AppleTalk to communicate with other Apple computers but needs the TCP/IP to communicate with the internet. It is freeware so anyone can use it free of cost. It is an open source system allowing one to customise it to ones own needs and requirements without terror of any legal liability. It uses the TCP/IP protocol to communicate thus is compliant with the internet. Most internet servers still use UNIX as their main operating system